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5 Best UFC Knockouts

JM Payne
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These UFC Knockouts are a class apart
These UFC Knockouts are a class apart

The wonderful sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is often lauded by its proponents for bringing fans a unique blend of combat sports, which arguably is the closest you can get to a "real fight" in a sports setting. Considering that, it's rather unsurprising that most MMA fans enjoy the myriad of aspects which characterize this sport.

Regardless, it'd be a huge mistake if we overlook the fact that most casual viewers of the sport, generally tune in to UFC events simply to watch the exhilarating Knockouts that are commonplace in most events held by the world's premier MMA promotion.

Let's face it, the thrill of the KO, and the agony which the losing fighter goes through, are truly touching. A Knockout in the UFC is somewhat like that perfect ending to an action movie -- violent, yet strangely satisfying.

Today, we take a special look back at some of the best UFC Knockouts...

#5 Stipe Miocic vs. Fabricio Werdum

Stipe Miocic won the UFC Heavyweight Title with a vicious KO at UFC 198
Stipe Miocic won the UFC Heavyweight Title with a vicious KO at UFC 198

Stipe Miocic traveled to Fabricio Werdum's native Brazil, in order to challenge the latter for his UFC Heavyweight Championship, at UFC 198 back in 2016. Miocic had been known for his excellent boxing heading into the matchup, but with Werdum's Muay Thai striking always on point, the challenger seemed to be facing an uphill task in enemy territory.

The fight started off with both fighters staying at long range, and exchanging kicks. However, it wasn't long before Werdum began recklessly chasing Miocic near the fence -- as the latter backpedaled swiftly.

The end to this fight came in the very first round, when Werdum continued plodding forward rather predictably, and moved in a straight line right into boxing range. Miocic timed Werdum, stepped to the right, and dinged the Brazilian legend with one of the sweetest short right hands you'll ever see in MMA!

A few unnecessary ground strikes later, the fight was called off, and Miocic was the new UFC Heavyweight Champion. Werdum was out cold, and the entire arena which was previously bustling with Brazilian fans, witnessed pin drop silence take over the strange night at UFC 198...


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