5 Fighters Who Fought Through The Worst Injuries

  • Injuries in MMA can completely change a fight. However, there are some fighters who have the guts to fight through the pain.
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Anderson Silva breaks his leg

Bumps, bruises, and broken bones are common in every sport. The most entertaining sports are contact sports that involve highly competitive athletes who’ll do anything to win. In some sports, contact can get a little extreme and mixed martial arts (MMA) is definitely the place for extreme contact.

Gruesome injuries are common in MMA, and you can expect to see one or two in every fight card you watch. Normally, you'll see an explosive knockout injury that ends the fight. But in some rare cases, you see fighters put themselves through the unthinkable and fight through these injuries to finish the fight.

This requires a ton of perseverance and mental toughness, so check out our top 5 moments where fighters fought through frightening injuries.

#5 Brandon Vera vs Thiago Silva

 When you hear the expression “rearrange someone's face,” more times than not, you think of a cartoon or something animated because it's not realistic for someone's face to be rearranged in real life.

Well, Brandon Vera can beg to differ.

His fight with Thiago Silva showed us something we hadn’t seen before in combat sports. Silva literally cracked Vera’s nose so bad it looked to be broken in 3 different places. Some fans were joking about how his nose resembled the letter “S”.

Hats off to Vera for finishing the fight, but the beating he took was one for the ages. Silva won the fight by unanimous decision but was later ruled a no contest because he got popped for failing a drug test.

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Published 27 Jan 2017, 03:40 IST
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