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5 Knockout punches in UFC that felt like a chair shot

Good old Hendo
Harry Kettle
Modified 11 Mar 2017, 01:04 IST
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We can't imagine being knocked out is fun - that much is obvious. However, being knocked out by professional fighters is an entirely different story as there are even more serious long term risks involved.

Shockingly enough the number of fatalities has been surprisingly low over the years, but that doesn't mean we haven't seen some truly cringeworthy finishes.

It draws comparisons, for some people anyway, to the world of professional wrestling where using steel chairs used to be a popular tool in which to get heat on a Superstar. Nowadays chair shots to the head have been banned due to the effects it had on the mental and physical health of some wrestlers, which is why we're choosing to pick out five shots that really made us worry for the competitor involved.

Now obviously this is just another part of the mixed martial arts game, but it's something that not a lot of us like to see on a regular basis. Whilst it is fun to see two guys go to war inside of a cage, that doesn't mean we want to see them get constantly knocked unconscious - because that's just not right.

So brace yourselves, because some of these clips are brutal. With that in mind, here are five knockout punches in UFC that felt like a chair shot.

#1 Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping

We'll start with one that many people around the world have seen, either live or over social media. Going into Dan Henderson vs. Michael Bisping a lot of people wanted to see the Brit get what was coming to him, with Bisping constantly running his mouth as he had been doing for many years.


Thankfully, their prayers were answered - and quite emphatically.

The veteran Hendo laid a phenomenal overhand right on Michael, and before he even hit the canvas it was evident to everyone in the arena that he was out for the count - pun not intended. Unfortunately for the loud mouth, Hendo really wanted to make a statement, deciding to follow up the first shot with a devastating second blow whilst he was on the ground. Ouch.

We move onto the fall of a legend.

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Published 11 Mar 2017, 00:53 IST
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