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5 MMA fighters who could destroy Roman Reigns

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A familiar sight if Reigns picks a fight with these guys

Roman Reigns has been at the centre of every WWE fan’s ire for the better part of two years. The former enforcer of the Shield has not been able to transfer the popularity he enjoyed during his time with the group into his singles career through no real fault of his own.

The WWE’s decision to push him into the stratosphere as the company’s next top face left most people disgruntled and despite Roman’s great physical and in-ring skills, his less than stellar work on the mic has added to the hate he receives.

Despite this apparent lack of mic skills, The Big Dog has taken numerous digs at UFC star, Conor McGregor, after the latter’s comments about the legitimacy of WWE wrestlers. This led everyone to question if Reigns could actually take on The Notorious One and how a fight between the two would go.

That’s not a debat worth getting into due to the sheer difference in weight, but what if Reigns took on MMA fighters more his own size? How would Reigns fare against them? My opinion? Not very well.

So, with that in mind, today we take a look at 5 MMA fighters who would destroy Roman Reigns:

#5 Anthony Johnson

Rumble has the power to knock Reigns’ teeth out

Anthony Johnson is one scary dude. Don’t believe me? Take a look at his knockout punches, especially the one with which he took out Glover Texeira. After all, there is a reason Rumble holds the record for most sub-1 minute finishes in the UFC.

Such is the power of Johnson that even people such as Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones approach fights against him with a degree of caution. I reiterate, Rumble is one scary dude. With this in mind, Reigns better pray that he never gets into a fight with Johnson.

Looking at Roman’s tendency to eat a lot of shots and rely on his superior recovery power to come out victorious, it would be the perfect matchup for Johnson. If you take one big hit from Rumble, you aren’t getting back up, no matter who you are.

Stay far away from Rumble, Roman. Stay far away.

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