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5 MMA fighters who lost their souls

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Koscheck lost his soul to GSP

Mixed martial arts is a sport of physicality and violence. In this incredible sport where fighters are constantly competing against the very best in the world, there is absolutely no room for mistakes. The level of skill these athletes operate on is completely unlike what us mere mortals can comprehend.

That’s the thing about fights which happen at these elite levels. They are often decided by intangibles that cannot be measured. When two guys who are equally skilled step into an octagon with the sole aim of achieving physical domination over one and another, then the fight is decided by who wants it more.

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When it comes down to these fights, they are decided by heart. By the will of not giving up and pushing on in the face of adversity. They are decided by the soul of a fighter. But, in some instances, fighters suffer a loss so gruelling that it eats away at them and they are never the same again. They lose that all-important soul.

So, without further ado, here are 5 MMA fighters who lost their soul:

#5 Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck was considered one of the brightest young stars in MMA during his younger days. He made a name for himself as a welterweight in the UFC and had a great start to his career until he came up against the indomitable power of Georges St. Pierre.

GSP absolutely schooled Kos in their first encounter, but the younger man still recovered from the loss and rediscovered some of his best form. Things looked like they were on the up until his second loss to the same man, St. Pierre.

Holding a respectable record of 15-5 following this loss, Koscheck’s would go on a downward spiral as he lost 5 out of his next 7 fights in the UFC to drop off the face of top-class welterweights.

Koscheck recently made his Bellator debut, following his release from the UFC, and ended up with yet another loss. A terrible path for a promising career to take.

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