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5 MMA Heavyweights That Would destroy Brock Lesnar in a WWE Ring

J. Carpenter
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19.40K   //    13 Jan 2017, 21:12 IST
Is there someone in the MMA world, ready to cross over and face The Beast Incarnate?

Brock Lesnar is an anomaly to the standard, sometimes cookie-cutter image of what a professional wrestler is supposed to be. That's not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it's a good thing, a really good thing!

Lesnar is just as he's been described time and time again; he's a "prize fighter." He only makes the occasional appearance in a WWE ring but when he does make those appearances, the cash registers immediately start ringing.

His name on any card is a guarantee that there will be someone's backside every 18 to 20 inches occupying every seat in whatever venue he's at. In less than one week, Brock Lesnar will be in my city for Raw.

The arena where the show will take place holds upwards of 18,000 people. You can be rest assured that when it was announced locally that Brock would be here, ticket sales went crazy.

We are all aware of Lesnar’s drawing power. As we've already covered, the guy is a feature attraction, people come from everywhere to witness his work and more often than not, just to see him stand in the ring, while Paul Heyman delivers a promo.

However, Lesnar can be exciting to watch in action, especially when he's facing someone who is actually on his level, which is difficult to find. The current WWE roster has very few Superstars outside of The Undertaker and Goldberg, who come across as attractive opponents as far as big time names that can draw money on a card with Brock.

Simply put, Brock Lesnar is a box office attraction that the WWE uses sparingly in order to conserve his worth.

Lesnar has also been a feature attraction in the world of Mixed Martial Arts as well. Win or lose, a card which features a Brock Lesnar main event guarantees money. Some, actually many, will purchase the event solely based on the fact that Brock is fighting. MMA has gained a lot of fans from professional wrestling, that's no secret.

In fact, both sports share a huge amount of fans that enjoy both MMA, as well as pro wrestling. It only makes sense that there would be some athletes from both sides, testing the waters in the other.


For instance, Ken Shamrock is someone who was a major star in MMA, then crossed over and did well in the WWE. With that said, are there any current MMA heavyweights that you feel could be a strong opponent for Brock a WWE ring?

Over the past few days, I have scoured the Heavyweights of MMA looking for a few fighters that could potentially bring the pain to The Beast Incarnate. I finally came up with five fighters who I believe would destroy Brock in the squared circle. 

#5 Justin Wren

Justin Wren is known by his alias as "The Big Pygmy."

Justin Wren is a big, burly, beefed up man's man. He has a dominating ground game, as well as tremendous striking ability. Those who have never seen him would think he looks something like a mountain man, or perhaps a new prospect for The Wyatt Family. He actually reminds me of WWE legend Big John Studd.

Wren stands about 6'2", weighing roughly 260 pounds. One important side note about Justin is his pre-MMA background. Wren was a very accomplished amateur wrestler, prior to jumping in the Octagon.

Justin was an All-American collegiate wrestler, before going on to train with the US Olympic wrestling team. Justin was also a contender on season 10 of the Ultimate Fighter, before losing out in the quarterfinals. Wren is currently fighting under the Bellator banner.

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