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5 Most Used Martial Arts in MMA

Modified 21 Dec 2018, 04:00 IST
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#2 Boxing

Who's the better boxer between these two former UFC Champions?

Boxing needs no introduction, does it? To become a mixed martial artist you first have to learn how to box. We're talking about the basics here folks.

Every fight begins with a traditional boxing guard which has of course been altered to suit the needs of MMA. MMA guards are longer and looser compared to the higher and more stiffer ones used in boxing and rightfully so, mixed martial artists have to deal with kicks, takedown attempts and what not!

While the different aspects of Boxing are used as a potent weapon to finish off fights by both counter attackers as well as volume-centric pressure fighters, the different elements of boxing are often used to set up a transition into another style, most notably the takedowns for grappling on the ground.

However, Boxing serves as the perfect foundation of a fighter's striking. MMA, at the end of the day, is fundamentally about striking and none better than the good old fashioned jabs, crosses, hooks, uppercuts, and the overhands taken from the time-tested book of Boxing.

Whether it is the smooth head movement or the seamless footwork, Boxing helps MMA fighters tremendously in fights and is a necessary skill in order to be known as a complete fighter. While not all boxers may be successful in MMA, many MMA fighters do become really proficient pugilists.

Here are some of the best boxers in the UFC who use one of the oldest forms of striking to good effect inside the Octagon:

Conor McGregor

Cody Garbrandt


Holly Holm

Nick Diaz

Nate Diaz

Jorge Masvidal

Max Holloway

Dominic Cruz

Junior Dos Santos

Quinton Jackson

It should be noted that a majority of the Muay Thai fighters mentioned in the earlier slide also warrant inclusions on this list as their boxing skills are right up there with the aforementioned names.

Published 21 Dec 2018, 04:00 IST
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