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5 moves in MMA that pro-wrestlers would have been proud of

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2.13K   //    08 Mar 2017, 15:29 IST
A perfect German Suplex inside the octagon

Compare MMA to pro-wrestling and you’re more than likely to piss off the average MMA fan. They get all defensive about the fact that pro-wrestling is scripted while MMA is completely real and unscripted. While that’s most definitely the case, there’s no need to get all up in arms about the subject.

There are a number of instances where you see something in the WWE and think that it looks more at home in MMA. Shinsuke Nakamura’s Kinshasa or Samoa Joe’ Coquina Clutch, anyone? But, it’s not just a one-way street.

After all, there are a number of times where you see stuff in an MMA octagon and think that the move actually belongs inside a WWE ring instead. There is absolutely nothing wrong in admitting to that fact. Both pro-wrestling and MMA require hours of training in order to achieve perfection.

So, without any further do, here are 5 moves in MMA which pro-wrestlers would have been proud of:

#5 Matt Hughes’ Running Slam

Matt Hughes is one of the most decorated fighters to have ever stepped foot inside the octagon and is a bonafide MMA legend. Widely considered the Pound for Pound No. 1 during his time in the UFC, Hughes has more than earned his entry into the UFC Hall of Fame.

He ended his career back in 2011 with an incredible record of 45-9 in his 54 professional fights. In his prime, there was little people could do to stop Matt Hughes and this was something Frank Trigg found out the hard way.

After losing their first encounter in 2003, Trigg got his second chance against the great man two years later at UFC 52 and what followed was a clash for the ages. Hughes eventually took the victory via submission but it was what he did during the fight that really grabbed everyone’s attention.

There was an eye-popping moment where Hughes picked up his opponent, ran three-quarters of the way across the octagon and slammed Trigg with a Running Slam that would have made Braun Strowman green with envy.

You can see the amazing move in his video at around the 1 minute 50 seconds mark:

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