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5 nail-biting bloodbaths in the UFC

Malcolm Tyde
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The bloodbath of the year?

Regardless of the 'art' of fighting that purists propagate as the sport's main attraction, nothing sells seats like the possibility of a bloodbath. The UFC has seen its fair share of bloody warriors hacking at each other. However, there are some fights that are just burnt into the memory of anyone lucky enough to witness such a spectacle.

#5 Jim Miller vs Joe Lauzon

No one swings like the lightweights!

Jim Miller began the bloodbath that was his lightweight bout against Joe Lauzon at UFC 155, confidently in the clinch. Dealing several elbows to his struggling opponent, during the very first round, Miller managed to open a huge gash above Lauzon's eye.

Despite the copious amounts of blood streaming from his face, the Black belt in BJJ held his own for the next fifteen minutes, making for a bloodbath. Although he was understandably fatigued after the first, Joe Lauzon stood toe-to-toe with Miller at the beginning of the second round.

This forced Miller to initiate the takedown and the American Lauzon was back in his element although he was on his back. The bout continued on the ground as Miller repeatedly unleashed elbows from the top spewing more blood across the Octagon.

The undeterred Joe Lauzon, however, flipped Miller on his back as he attempted a choke and began unleashing his ground and pound from above until the end of the round. Lauzon showed heart throughout the fight, stepping into the line of fire constantly in spite of his leaking face.

Lauzon, the Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, who would have known he was losing, attempted a valiant yet futile 'Hail Mary' heel hook before the blood bout came to a close. Miller won the fight in a unanimous decision.

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