5 nasty pro-wrestling gimmick matches that even MMA fighters would be afraid of taking part in

Akash C
No MMA fighter would step into this sort of a match without thinking twice! 

#1 No Rope Electrified Barbwire Swimming Pool Dynamite Double Hell Deathmatch

There's a good reason this match happened only once

I'm not even making this one up. A ring is set up on a barge which is in the middle of a swimming pool. There no ropes. Two sides of the ring have electrified barbed wire. The other two are left open as an avenue to throw your opponents into the pool which triggers explosions.

Inside this death rig, anything goes including sickles, thumbtacks, and other weapons which can maim you permanently. Forget MMA fighters, there's no one on this planet who should be stepping foot in a match like this. Probably why it took place only one, back in 1994 in, Japan. Of course, it had to be Japan.

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