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5 of the most infamous fighters in UFC history

Scott Newman
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#2 Diego Sanchez – infamous for eccentricity

Diego Sanchez has become infamous for being completely eccentric
Diego Sanchez has become infamous for being completely eccentric

The winner of the inaugural Ultimate Fighter series at Middleweight, Diego Sanchez is a true UFC legend and remains on the roster 14 years after his debut, and has a number of the greatest fights in promotional history under his belt. He’s generally beloved by the fanbase, but he also stands out as being infamous for his wild eccentricity.

This was on show during his stint on TUF as he famously practiced yoga at strange moments, such as when he attempted to extract “energy” from a lightning storm by posing and stretching in the rain. And it hasn’t stopped there. The list of Sanchez’s eccentric moments is almost too long to list.

There was the time that he got really into Tony Robbins, and began to chant “YES!” during his entrances, even adopting the mantra to come up with the ‘yes cartwheel’, which was highlighted during the build to his fight with BJ Penn. Then there was the entrance that saw him holding a giant cross in the air, like some kind of vampire hunter; his apparent use of the herbal sweetener Stevia as some kind of supplement; his change of nicknames from ‘The Nightmare’ to ‘The Dream’ and then back again, and well, you get the picture.

Basically, Diego is a legend of the sport – he’s probably my all-time favourite fighter in fact – but in terms of wackiness inside and outside of the Octagon, it’s pretty hard to touch him, making him the most infamously eccentric fighter in UFC history.

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