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5 Reasons CM Punk should not compete in the UFC again

Riju Dasgupta
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Here are 5 reasons why you should stay away from UFC, Mr CM Punk

CM Punk, perhaps the biggest WWE legend of the modern era, walked away from sports entertainment and decided to pursue his MMA dreams. While many experts doubted that he'd ever enter the Octagon, CM Punk faced off against Mickey Gall in a Welterweight fight that lasted all of 2 minutes, 14 seconds before submitting to a rear naked choke.

Many praised Punk for his courage and the fact that he decided to pursue his dreams at this scale. However, rumours have surfaced recently that he may fight yet again. This is probably because the UFC did great numbers during Punk’s Octagon debut.

We think it is dreadful news and believe Punk should stay away from the Octagon. Here are 5 compelling reasons why.

#5 It tarnishes Punk's WWE legacy 

Let’s hope Punk legacy doesn’t go to sleep

CM Punk, with his pipebombs, was the Champion of the common man on WWE television who said things that needed to be said and dared to take the fight to the powers that be. He fought against the odds and captured the coveted WWE Championship from John Cena at Money In The Bank 2011.

This is the image of CM Punk that wrestling fans cherish in their mind, and this is the image that was destroyed by Mickey Gall as he clobbered Punk to win the much-hyped UFC 203 contest. Fans in WWE still drown the show with ‘CM Punk’ chants, especially in his home state.

They remember Punk as a proud WWE champion, not someone fighting on the ground, struggling to survive in a fight. Another fight, another loss... and fans may be completely shattered.

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