5 Reasons why Brock Lesnar's MMA retirement is a hoax

Don’t pay heed to stories about Brock Lesnar's retirement, we say!

A few hours ago, we reported that Brock Lesnar was through with MMA and had informed the UFC about his retirement from active competition inside the Octagon. Before fans weep tears of dismay and the hearts of Lesnar's supporters are broken worldwide, we’d like to request them to put those tissues away for good.

We think Brock Lesnar still has at least another MMA match in him, and maybe even a run! Here are five compelling reasons that should convince each reader that Lesnar will enter the Octagon one more time and show his opponents who the beast truly is. Maybe not this year, or the year after, but sometime in the future for certain.

#5 An offer he cannot refuse!

Every beast has his price...

The UFC needs star power to sell pay-per-views, and few names in the roster compare to the mainstream appeal of the Beast Incarnate in terms of selling tickets. It’s not like Brock Lesnar needs money at all, but UFC pays obscene amounts of money to mainstream stars who bring eyeballs to the brand.

Even if it weren’t for a complete run, the appeal of a one-off payday certainly would appeal to Brock Lesnar. Especially because we know that he's in the shape of his life and he can still go with the best in the world today.

Superstars may not know it themselves at the time, but there have been many instances of retired legends wanting to step back into the limelight once again. Just ask Lesnar’s current Wrestlemania opponent Bill Goldberg, who thought he was done with professional wrestling for good at the time of his retirement. The lure is sometimes too strong!

#4 The thrill of unsimulated combat

Every beast loves a real fight...

Brock Lesnar is always very defensive about professional wrestling as a whole (when detractors like Dana White and Conor McGregor are making fun of it), but anyone can see that he prefers the Octagon to the ring, from his behaviour, from his passion and from the amount of effort he puts into MMA fights.

Truth be told while simulating a fight has its own appeal for performers, we’re certain that a legitimate combat sportsman like Brock Lesnar prefers pummelling people to an absolute pulp in the UFC. Even though Lesnar will be a very important component of WWE in the months to come, we're sure he’ll be yearning to enter the Octagon one last time.

#3 A very flexible WWE schedule

Every beast can make the time (for both his jobs)

Unlike the rest of the WWE roster that practically performs on a daily basis, Brock Lesnar is only a part-time performer with the company. Lesnar has been very critical of the travel that is synonymous with being a WWE performer in the past, and as someone who does not like people, Lesnar also hates the adulation that comes with being a public WWE figure.

As a result, he has a lot more free time than the rest of the roster who're fully occupied with their very demanding jobs.

Not only does this mean that Lesnar may consider a return to active competition in the UFC, it also allows him to train and get in shape for MMA fights. He does not have to suffer the same rigours as the rest of the roster that constantly takes bumps, and hence, will be in better shape for fights!

#2 Preserving his MMA legacy

Every beast wants to make things alright

Brock Lesnar has probably brought more mainstream fans to MMA and also UFC than any other person in history. The kind of business he has done has been absolutely unparalleled.

Unfortunately, after his comeback to the Octagon to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200, Lesnar tested positive for a banned substance. His victory was reversed and his legacy was tarnished for good. A warrior like Lesnar would want to make things right when he rides into the sunset, and ensure that his legacy remains unblemished in every way.

Fortunately, this means stepping into the Octagon one more time and making things right!

#1 Equity in one company, means equity in another

Every beast ultimately needs to please Vince McMahon

WWE has constantly sought celebrities from the mainstream world who are in the news and can hence attract attention to their product. Mike Tyson worked wonders, as did Ronda Rousey before her streak was broken (it has been speculated that WWE may see her as damaged goods now).

For Brock Lesnar to be allowed the leeway that he gets, he needs to be a huge money draw for a sustained period. This would be impossible with his tarnished UFC legacy coupled with the fact that there won't be a chance to remedy the existing situation anymore after his retirement happens. Even to succeed in WWE, Lesnar needs the UFC.

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