5 reasons why the MMA world hates Ronda Rousey now

Ronda Rousey is not very well liked in the MMA circles anymore
Nishant Raj

Ronda Rousey aka Rowdy could have embossed her authority on the UFC permanently, had she been as tough as she claimed to be.

From effortlessly doing away with her opponents in less than the stipulated number of rounds to seeing her legacy be vanquished, she has seen both the highs and the lows of the unmerciful sport of mixed martial arts.

The once celebrated superstar is now finding it hard to contemplate her future in the sport. Here’s why the MMA universe turned its back on Ronda Rousey.

#5 Antithesis of a sportswoman

Ronda at her ‘Rowdy’ best (or worst)

The “baddest woman on the planet” was once heralded as the most iconic sportswoman; something around which the UFC built a legacy.

It was her athletic prowess in the octagon that coaxed Dana White into ushering in a bantamweight division for women in the UFC and it was her instant ascent to the apex which promulgated her ‘holier than holy’ image which created quite a furore in the world of mixed martial arts.

However, contrary to the fairy tale that was fabricated around her, Rousey wasn’t quite the ‘sportswoman’ she was often touted as.

From shrugging off handshakes at weigh-ins to intimidating opponents before fights all the way to not touching gloves before the match, Rousey is definitely the antithesis of a sports personality.

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To top it all, Rousey displayed zilch respect for her opponents, something which has been unanimously hated by the MMA fan fraternity.

There have been instances where her despicable behaviour and absence of sportsmanship have tarnished her highfalutin reputation, most notably her spewing out insults at Miesha Tate during the course of their UFC 168 rivalry.

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