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5 times weight-cuts had disastrous consequences for MMA fighters

These weight-cuts had terrible ramifications for these fighters.

Lutter’s ghastly weight-cut cost him an opportunity at the Middleweight Championship

Competition is often a double-edged sword. It can either cajole you into raising the performance bar or can force you to submit. Mixed martial arts fighters usually switch between weight categories in the quest for dominance, yet at times, they suppress and subject themselves to atrocious treatment which goes against the natural course of action. The barbaric torture that they bring upon themselves is as vile as it is acerbic, reminiscent of Christian Bale’s transformation as the emaciated Machinist. Here are 5 instances where weight-cuts had disastrous consequences for MMA fighters.

#5 Chris Weidman

Weidman suffered memory loss


Even though former UFC middleweight stalwart Chris Weidman has seen enough tough times inside the octagon, but nothing compares with the trenchant suffering he experienced during one of the most harrowing weight-cuts ever in UFC history. Weidman was roped-in for a short-notice fight against Demian Maia at UFC on Fox 2 in the year 2012.

The opportunity was right for Weidman to make a name for himself in the Ultimate Fighting Championship, but the rigmarole that he was subjected to, took a toll on not only his physical but also mental well-being. Weidman described the weight-cut process as ‘scary’ as towards the end of the journey Weidman’s body stopped shedding water. Every time Weidman would stand up, he would black out, requiring two people to hold him up as he got in and out of the sauna.

The weight-cut routine took a massive toll on his overall well being that Weidman can’t remember much of what happened, stating that he was in some weird delirium during the process. The only thing he remembers is his coach Ray Longo was reduced to tears, having seen him endure the hellacious treatment. Despite the concerns over his well-being, Weidman scraped through the hurdle and finally made the

Despite the concerns over his well-being, Weidman scraped through the hurdle and finally made the weight-cut but struggled to remember things as basic as his date of birth. The fight that ensued post the traumatic 10-day shred wasn’t quite a spectacle, yet Weidman did enough to win the fight. 18 months later he won the title!

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