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Five UFC fighters and their potential WWE gimmicks

Harry Kettle
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 09:40 IST
Could Conor do the unthinkable and actually make the switch?

When it comes to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), there are similarities between the two and differences as well. One of the big things that people believe separates the two is the over the top nature of some of the characters, which is interesting when you consider that a lot of mixed martial artists tend to exaggerate their personalities in order to sell fights.

Nonetheless, it's something that's talked about from time to time, so we thought it'd be an interesting idea to work out what kind of gimmicks certain UFC stars would be given if they ever made the transition over to the WWE.

Some would make sense and others would be a little bit out there, but either way, they'd have a good chance of success when you look at the fighters portraying them.

Not everyone is cut out to be a sports entertainer and some fighters legitimately just want to beat people up and go home, but that's not always the case. The cross-over appeal of the two promotions has always been painfully evident, and it's about time that strides are made towards Vince and Dana finding interesting ways in which to co-exist with each other.

With that in mind, let's take a look at five UFC fighters and their potential WWE gimmicks.

#1 Ronda Rousey - Terminator

Rousey’s run needs to be handled with care

Ronda Rousey is one of the most intimidating women in all of mixed martial arts despite her back-to-back losses. Her phenomenal ability inside the octagon made her a household name, and it's no surprise that the WWE have encouraged her to return for the second time, ever since she made a cameo at WrestleMania 31 during a segment with Triple H, Stephanie McMahon and The Rock.

So if she does eventually come to the WWE, she should maintain that ruthless persona. Have her not say a single word on the mic and show any sign of happiness, much like she does during her ring walks in the UFC. That cold, calculated look in her eyes would instantly attract the attention of the WWE Universe and she could spend weeks on end running through enhancement and lower card talent.

We move over to the men now, starting out with a former World Champion.

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Published 09 Feb 2017, 14:16 IST
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