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5 UFC Fighters with most T/KO wins

Nidhi Sharma
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Top 5 with most T/KO wins
Top 5 with most T/KO wins

UFC is home to the most elite, underdogs and upcoming talents of the MMA industry who are great in their own right. However, if you get bored with unanimous decisions and love the unexpected hit and the high pitched voice of the commentator that keeps you glued to the screen, here are the fighters who deliver. We bring to light those who win by busting the lights out.

Here are the top 5 fighters with the most number of T/KO wins:

5. Jose Aldo: 16 T/KOs

Aldo vs Edgar
Aldo is about to go slam dunk superhero on Edgar here

Evidently, Aldo has not been looking good recently but the fact that this legend is still in the game says a lot.

Jose 'Scarface' Aldo is precise and vicious. His bodywork is impressive and his kicks are what lightning is made of. With strikes so crisp and movements well crafted, there's no doubt he is among the pound for pound greats.

Aldo made his UFC debut with an undefeated record and wins over WEC ex-champions Mike Brown and Urijah Faber. He assassinated Chad Mendes with a KO at UFC 142 for the featherweight title. He was able to knock Mendes on the floor just by his skilled footwork and classic takedown defence. Aldo makes it look too easy and all the while is entertaining.

Furthering the thought, Aldo (4-0) was once challenged by a WEC featherweight title contender, (13-2) Cub Swanson. The fight could be summarized in a gif.

Even in the fights that Scarface has lost, he never fails to show why he is someone you want to see fight in the Octagon. From domination (Aldo vs Lamas) to proper devastation, Jose Aldo will always be a legend.

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