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5 UFC matches that need to happen

Johny Payne
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These UFC fights need to happen sooner rather than later
These UFC fights need to happen sooner rather than later

The UFC is presently without a doubt the world's premier MMA organization. Recently having undergone a highly-publicized change of ownership--with media giants WME-IMG now steering the wheel of the UFC juggernaut--the promotion continues to grow on a global scale.

Perhaps one of the biggest strengths of the UFC, and the sport of MMA in general, is the fact that exciting matchups are booked on a regular basis. In fact, this is something that has been a knock on the combat sports business in general.

Several fight pundits time and again have asserted that one of the most profitable combat sports in the world, pro-boxing, has been stagnated owing to marquee matchups either not being booked at all or being made well after one or both fighters in the equation are past their prime.

Nevertheless, the UFC boasts a humongous roster--replete with some of the best MMA fighters in the world--with most important matchups being made while the respective fighters are indeed relatively well-matched. In fact, as of late, the UFC has witnessed a trend which has several respected fighters move up or down weight-classes, and bring the fans some of the most highly-discussed dream matches to fruition.

Today, we take a look at a few UFC matches that need to happen, sooner rather than later--

#5 Luke Rockhold vs. Alexander Gustafsson

Luke Rockhold has his sights set at the UFC 205-pound division
Luke Rockhold has his sights set on the UFC 205-pound division

Following his stoppage loss at the hands of Yoel Romero, Luke Rockhold strongly asserted that he plans on moving up to the 205-pound division. Rockhold confirmed that his next Octagon outing would indeed be at Light-Heavyweight.

In fact, the MMA community was set abuzz with speculation that Rockhold could potentially face Alexander Gustafsson for the Interim UFC Light-Heavyweight title--what with reigning Light-Heavyweight and Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier being busy preparing for a "money fight" against Brock Lesnar which could take place in early-2019.

Regardless, Rockhold--who has dealt with leg injuries on multiple occasions in the past--re-injured his leg earlier this year. While the Rockhold-Gustafsson matchup has been put on the back-burner for now, the fan-interest in it seems to have acquired steam after both fighters traded shots with one another on social media.


Rockhold being the excellent kicker that he is, and Gustaffson being the more complete kick-boxer of the duo, is what serves to make this clash so very interesting. Experts believe that Gustafsson has the better boxing by a large margin--however, Rockhold's elite grappling skills and the submission threat he poses to any and every man walking the planet, simply cannot be overlooked.

Rockhold vs. Gustafsson is a match that needs to happen sooner rather than later--what with both fighters seemingly in their respective primes as of this time.

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