5 ways to introduce Conor McGregor to WWE

Conor McGregor
McGregor’s first appearance will be a huge moment for WWE

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest names in the world right now and that's just a fact.

His personality has shone through more so than anyone could have imagined in the UFC, leading to the Irishman becoming a two-weight World Champion in an impressively short period of time. The most frightening thing of all is that he isn't even close to being done yet, either.

With that being said, it is interesting to speculate about Conor's future away from the world of mixed martial arts because he's just such a big character in so many different ways.

There are rumblings that he'll be stepping into a boxing ring to fight Floyd Mayweather sometime soon, but the real question for pro wrestling fans is whether or not he'll ever compete inside of the squared circle.

There are obviously a number of issues related to whether or not WWE can pull this off, but there are even more positives to be had too. Conor is an extremely hot commodity and his star will continue to shine for many years to come, making it seem like an inevitability that he'll eventually make the transition.

But the one thing that needs answering is this - how will it happen? With that in mind, let's take a look at five ways to introduce Conor McGregor into WWE.

#1 Partial owner

A McGregor ownership storyline would be genius

Remember when Vince McMahon and Ric Flair shared the ownership of World Wrestling Entertainment? Picture that storyline happening once more, but this time with Conor McGregor.

The Notorious One has already expressed an interest in owning a share of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, so the storyline would feel completely natural. You could have Conor be revealed as a "secret buyer", leaving McMahon and Triple H both stunned and confused.

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He could implement a number of new rules into the business, floating back and forth between heel and babyface in order to keep the fans on their toes. It would shoot a bolt of momentum into the company, which is exactly what they need.

Onto a much more subtle option now.

#2 Front row

Will it be a simple one and done appearance?

We've seen it with numerous celebrities over the years and even with Bobby Roode. WWE could have Conor McGregor be sat in the front row of a live event or pay-per-view, showing him off to the crowd with many believing that he's just there as a spectator.

You could potentially leave it at that, or alternatively, you could make it the beginning of Conor's storyline entry into the world of professional wrestling.

It would plant the seed for a major crossover between WWE and UFC, all the while building up the hype of an extended McGregor run in the company.

Social media would be buzzing about the prospect of having him stick around for a long time, but that sense of unknown is what would keep things interesting. It may not be what people were hoping for but at the end of the day, this situation would need to be handled very delicately.

Now for a much more fun choice.

#3 Royal Rumble

The Rumble could be an interesting place to debut for Conor

It doesn't matter whether it's at number one or number thirty - if Conor McGregor enters the Royal Rumble match then the WWE Universe would certainly lose their minds.

His global reach and appeal would mean that he's guaranteed to get a huge pop, and you could even increase the likelihood of a reaction by teasing his appearance earlier in the week.

Imagine Brock Lesnar being in the ring when Conor McGregor comes out, as Conor uses his speed and athleticism to slip away from Brock at every possible opportunity.

It would make things feel oh so real and that's the beauty of professional wrestling - when you get carried away in the moment, you lose that sense of predictability. Make this happen, WWE.

Onto something that wouldn't exactly require entrance music.

#4 Interference

McGregor just loves making some noise

Imagine a big time main event is taking place for the WWE Championship, and Conor McGregor just wanders into the ring and unloads on the competitors with a steel chair. It would be so random and so baffling that everyone in attendance would lose their minds because it would feel like a genuine invasion is taking place.

You could have a number of UFC guys just show up at different events and build up the possibility of a legit rivalry, when in reality it would be nothing more than the two companies proving that they can work together in harmony.

It wouldn't be too much of an issue for him to interrupt such a big match either, because if Jon Stewart can get away with it, then pretty much anyone can.

We conclude with perhaps the most obvious move of them all.

#5 WrestleMania segment

The grandest stage of them all for the biggest star in the world

Ronda Rousey gave Triple H a hip toss and threatened to break the arm of Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 31.

If you saw that transpire, then you'll know that it was an absolutely huge moment. Nobody thought that WWE and UFC would ever get involved with one another on such an intimate level, but when it happened it really was great to see.

You could accomplish the exact same thing with Conor McGregor, however it doesn't need to be nearly as long as the Rousey/Rock/HHH/Steph segment.

It can be between five and ten minutes long with a simple conclusion, opening the door for future Conor appearances in the process. Who knows, maybe it could even start the build towards a feud for SummerSlam.

Let's wait and see what happens in Orlando.

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