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6 UFC Fighters with Most Submissions in Title Bouts

  • These fighters did not wait for a decision to win their fight and took matters into their own hands!
Modified 13 Sep 2018, 21:28 IST

#5 Matt Hughes - 3 Submissions:

Ultimate Fighting
Ultimate Fighting

One of the biggest legends of the Mixed Martial Arts scene, although retired, Matt Hughes is still on the record books for several reasons. One of those reasons happens to be the fact that he is tied for the 3rd most submissions in a Title Bout in the UFC.

Making his debut for the company from UFC 34, he featured in more than just a few UFC fights, with 22 pay-per-view fights for the company under his belt. During a large portion of his time with the company, he was the UFC Welterweight Champion.

On each of the three occasions that he won in the title bout with a submission, his submission of choice was either the Rear Naked Choke or in one particularly epic fight with Georges St-Pierre, it was with the Arm Bar.

Published 13 Sep 2018, 21:28 IST
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