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7 best MMA moves of Brock Lesnar

Johny Payne
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 17:02 IST

Brock Lesnar (left) is widely regarded as one of the most charismatic MMA and WWE Superstars of all time
Brock Lesnar (left) is widely regarded as one of the most charismatic MMA and WWE Superstars of all time

Brock Lesnar is perhaps one of the most peculiar cases of the “what if?” discussion in the world of combat sports.

Lesnar—a highly-accomplished amateur wrestler—gained global notoriety in the world of sports-entertainment, courtesy his time in WWE.

Nevertheless, “The Beast Incarnate” subsequently tried his hand at the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, making his MMA debut in 2007. While, Lesnar did achieve tremendous success in the sport of MMA—winning, then successfully defending the UFC Heavyweight Championship twice—his critics often claim Lesnar to be a one-dimensional fighter.

Combat sports pundits, fans as well as several of his peers note that while he is an excellent grappler and phenomenal athletic specimen, his lack of training and experience in the striking arts is what led to him losing to fighters such as Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

While his supporters always note that Lesnar was in the midst of a deadly battle with the potentially fatal disease, diverticulitis, the fact remains that The Beast’s skills are indeed rudimentary as far as the striking department is concerned.

Regardless, to his credit, despite his lack of striking and sparring experience in disciplines such as boxing, Muay Thai, etc, he does possess heavy hands.

Besides, his grappling skills are truly elite. Today, we take a look at the 7 best Brock Lesnar MMA moves—

#7 Straight Right Hand

Say what you want about Brock Lesnar’s striking being rudimentary, but should The Beast land those lunchbox fists on his foe, they surely do feel it.


While Lesnar’s left hook may be nothing to write home about, his straight right hand is excellent. Lesnar, like most wrestlers who transition to MMA, uses his overhand right to set up the takedown—and that subsequently serves to polish his right hand and turn it into a deadly weapon.

Regardless, while Lesnar sets up his takedowns in the traditional freestyle wrestling manner, he does often use the overhand right to get to the clinch, and grapple from there. However, when speaking purely in terms of striking, Lesnar has a great, albeit criminally underutilized straight right hand.

Bear in mind that his straight right hand, although thrown with relatively same foot-weight distribution dynamics to the overhand right—is much better than the latter. Lesnar maintains better form while throwing the straight right than he does during the overhand right.

The Beast successfully used the straight right hand to stun Frank Mir in their first fight, knock down Heath Herring in his decision win over the latter, as well as in his knockout win over MMA legend Randy Couture. 

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Published 03 Aug 2018, 21:21 IST
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