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Daniel Isaac, Edgar Oriana, Aditya PS and Asad Khayoom

Friday 14th August 2015

The All India Mixed Martial Arts Association [ ]has been developing the sport of MMA at the grassroots level in India for more than ten years now. Over these ten years AIMMAA has sanctioned and supervised over 53 professional MMA shows including BodyForce MMA , Clash of the Champions and recently the Super Fight League. All the Super Fight League events have been televised on national and international channels. Apart from this AIMMAA has organized numerous state , national and international amateur championships to develop the budding talent. From the creation of a new format called β€˜Sport MMA’ to supporting the development of the Bahrain National MMA Federation AIMMAA has been very active on all fronts promoting the sport of Mixed Martial Arts through its trained and experienced officials.

AIMMAA is now present in 22 states and union territories in India which qualifies it as the only MMA organization in India for Federation status as per policies laid down by the ministry of sports Govt of India. AIMMAA is also the sole Indian representative for the largest World body of the sport IMMAF , the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation [ ]. AIMMAA is a democratic sports organization with a structure led by district , state and regional heads.

During the recently held AGM the founder members elected leading businessman Raj Kundra as the new β€˜Chairman of the Board’ of AIMMAA. Raj has been involved with different sporting and business ventures across the world and launched the Super Fight League in India in 2012. Earlier this year the Super Fight League announced UK businessman Bill Dosanjh as its new CEO.

Here is the official statement released by Mr Kundra today β€œHaving invested a lot of time and money into The Indian MMA circuit over the past three years it's no hidden secret, the passion and love I have for The sport and its growth. Its my privilege to join the board of directors of Indias oldest and largest registered organization for the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in India. From 2004 the year of its registration AIMMAA has built a strong foundation for mixed martial arts and adhered to all norms as laid down by the Sporting authorities of India. As Chairman of the board I look forward to working together with all the AIMMAA state and regional heads as well as technical directors to take the sport and the organization to new heights in the country."

Listed below are the current regional and state heads of the AIMMAA :

National commissioner – Daniel Isaac

President – Jitendra Jain

Vice President & Pro MMA divn head – Alan Fenandes

Womens development board President – Lorelei Isaac

Board member – Ryan Thorpe

Board member – Richard Thorpe

Board member – Pallavi Jain

Regional and Maharashtra Chief delegate - Sharif Bapu

Regional and Delhi Chief delegate – Yashpal Singh Kalsi

Regional and Mizoram Chief delegate – Samuel Lalrozama

Regional and Karnataka chief delegate – Prasad Gaitonde

Telangana chief delegate – Shaik Khalid

UP state chief delegate – Suvro Basu

J & K chief delegate – Tsering Angmo

Head of AIMMAA regd gyms / clubs in India – Mayur Bansode

Technical director [ fitness dept ] – Aditya PS

Representative of Judo – Yashpal Solanka [ Arjuna Awardee ]

Head of medical team – Dr Dilip Nadkarni

Nagaland state chief delegate – Limameren Yaden

Kerala state chief delegates – Abdul Muneer , Syam Prasad

Assam state chief delegate – Bhabajeet Chowdhury

Meghalaya state chief delegate – Isaiah Kharmawphlang

Rajasthan state chief delegate – Shriram Chowdhary

International Directors :

Sensei Marcos Oliveira – Brazil

Grandmaster Sken Kaewpadung – Thailand

Sensei Andy Wang – Taiwan

Kru Edgar Noordanus – Holland

Sensei Dejan Tesic – Serbia

Mohd Shahid - Bahrain

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