"Be prepared" - When Tyson Fury threatened to visit Manchester United training grounds to give players "the hard word"

When Tyson Fury (left) raged at Manchester United players for underwhelming performances [Images courtesy @ManUtd on X and @tysonfury on Instagram]
When Tyson Fury (right) raged at Manchester United players for underwhelming performances [Images courtesy of @ManUtd on X and @tysonfury on Instagram]

Tyson Fury once threatened to go to the Manchester United training grounds to give the players a stern talking to after the 'Red Devils' lost 0-2 in the Manchester derby in 2021.

Fury, an avid soccer fan who was disheartened by his team's performances during the season, took to X (known as Twitter at the time) to share his disappointment. During the live stream, 'The Gypsy King' faulted the players for not having a winner's mentality and just coasting through games:

"We are absolutely getting smashed out there and I think, partly it's because of the players. No disrespect to any of you, but it doesn't seem to me that like you dig in deep to try to win these games. It seems to me that you're happy to get through them and whatever happens, happens."

The enraged boxer then threatened to make an appearance at the team's training center alongside former Manchester United captain Patrice Evra to whip the team back into winning ways:

"When I fought [Deontay] Wilder and I was on the floor or [against] any other man I've ever fought, I never ever believed I was going to lose the fight... That's called a winner's mentality. That's something in the last few games, that you guys have just not had. I think me and Patrice Evra are going to have to come down to training and give you some of that [clinches his fist] and give you the hard word what you need. See you all soon, be prepared."

Catch Tyson Fury's comments below:

When a Manchester United legend said Tyson Fury "should be knighted"

Soccer legend Wayne Rooney thinks Tyson Fury is one of the best boxers out there and believes the pugilist deserves to be bestowed with one of the UK's highest laurels.

In a 2022 interview with talkSPORT, days after 'The Gypsy King's' win over Derek Chisora, the legendary English striker showered praise on the WBC titleholder, saying:

"He is an absolute legend, I think, for what he has done for boxing. He is entertaining, his skills are incredible, his mentality is incredible and if I'm being honest I probably think he should be knighted, I think because he hasn't been afraid to go abroad. He has won titles abroad, defended them abroad and he epitomizes everything boxing is."

Catch Wayne Rooney's comments about Tyson Fury below:


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