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Bellator 185 (Results) - October 20, 2017

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Gegard Mousasi vs Alexander Shlemenko

Mousasi backed Shlemenko up early while Shlemenko utilized spinning back kicks to the body to try and maintain space. Shlemenko exploded while trying to land a big left which connected when Mousasi moved forward. Mousasi quickly followed up with a takedown that was sprawled on in defence by Shlemenko. Mousasi was able to drag Shlemenko down where he began to work for a rear naked choke.

Mousasi's eye took very clear damage from the punch prior to the grappling exchange, so much so that he may not have been able to see because of it what so ever. Mousasi continued to pursue ground control until the round's end.

The fight continued with Mousasi not pressuring as much, most likely due to his eye damage. Shlemenko began to open up his arsenal but Mousasi was still able to maintain distance well. A point arrived where Shlemenko spammed two spinning back fists back to back, giving Mousasi a great counter takedown while he was off balance.

Round two comes to an end with Mousasi attacking with strikes and rear naked choke attempts from Shlemenko's back.

Shlemenko fishes for overhands that land in the start of round three followed by strong body kicks and even another spinning back fist. Mousasi became clearly hindered once his vision left and it was evident. His normally lightning accurate jab wasn't landing and he was having trouble defending. He still found an opportunity to try and take things to the mat but by this time, Shlemenko was able to counter and defend well.

It was an odd sight seeing Mousasi flop his back at times but that just showed how depleted he became after his eye swole up. Shlemenko ended the second half of round three in very dominant fashion.

Result: Gegard Mousasi def. Alexander Shlemenko via Unanimous Decision (29-28 All)

Neiman Gracie vs Zak Bucia

Both men started out things quite tactically as they picked their shots early until the inevitable takedown attempt from Gracie. He did not get the takedown but was able to manoeuvre his way to Bucia's back while they're clinched on the cage thus getting things down. Gracie had three full minutes to work from Bucia's back and he took full advantage of it.

Eventually, Bucia was able to turn out and get on top but it was not enough to stop Gracie's submission attack but time expires in round one.


Round two started out with more aggression from each man but Gracie landed better shots when he punched his way into a takedown attempt. Gracie put Bucia up against the cage as he tried to drag him to the ground and got himself right back to where he was for the majority of round one which was on Bucia's back.

This time, Gracie was able to squeeze on a neck crank and Bucia was forced to tap.

Result: Neiman Gracie def. Zak Bucia via Submission (Neck Crank) (Round 2, 2:27)

Heather Hardy vs Kristina Williams

No time was wasted as both women came out aggressive, Williams with the kicks, Hardy the punches but each landed. Williams was searching for constant head kicks to occasional success. Hardy's punching flurries often landed but also led to her eating elbows when she came into land.

Hardy is a self-admitted slow starter so it was interesting to see how she would go on after a faster start than she usually has.

The second round started about as fast as the first. Hardy got her nose busted open within seconds as Williams' attack was quite varied with the punches and kicks, especially when compared to Hardy's debut opponent, Alice Yauger. Still swinging with bombs of her own, Hardy ate a massive head kick flush right on the nose that essentially turned her face into a blood faucet as the doctors came in and stopped the action.

Result: Kristina Williams def. Heather Hardy via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) (Round 2, 2:00)

Ryan Quinn vs Marcus Surin

Ryan Quinn pressured early, leading to Surin getting clinched against the cage briefly. Surin teased out some oblique kicks then launched a jab that lands, Quinn closed in again looking for a takedown which was stuffed initially but Quinn maintained control. Quinn found his way to Surin's back but was unable to capitalize on a submission.

Surin got up and began grinding on Quinn with some knees until he hit a nice headlock takedown before the opening round ended.

Quinn continued with his gameplan into round two as he stroke briefly to begin before getting back into the grappling exchanges. Quinn got another takedown and winded up on Surin's back but failed to achieve rear naked choke on his second attempt.

Quinn dominated the second round with his pressure and the top game as Surin looked lost with the round coming to a close.

Surin began the final round more aggressively than the previous, but Quinn's gameplan remained the same as he inevitably tried to take things to the ground once again. This time around, Surin defends with a nice half cradle, placing Quinn on his back.

Surin worked for a rear naked choke of his own but to no avail. Quinn threatened with an anaconda choke but had no gas left to pull it off. The fight ended with each man battling over control.

Result: Ryan Quinn def. Marcus Surin via Unanimous Decision (29-28 All)

Ana Julaton vs Lisa Blaine

Professional boxing champion, Ana Julaton came out with a very kick-heavy attack, throwing literally zero punches in the first half of round one. Blaine eventually got the distance closed enough to clinch up with Julaton halting her offence.

Blaine got a takedown and then ended the round with her back to the cage attempting a guillotine.

Round two started almost identically to round one but with Julaton mixing in a few more punches and even attempting a takedown leading to another guillotine attempt from Blaine and another clinch battle.

Blaine eventually found another takedown but soon got reversed by Julaton where the round ended.

Round three began same as the others but Julaton seemed to be throwing harder with her kicks while Blaine didn't send anything back. Blaine caught a kick leading to a takedown where she worked ground and pound for a majority of the round.

Julaton got up with thirty seconds left to go and the two did their best Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama impression in the clinch before the final bell.

Result: Lisa Blaine def. Ana Julaton via Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

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