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Colby Covington Vs Joe Rogan: When the 'King of Chaos' dared to go after UFC's 'Sacred Cow'.

856   //    16 Jun 2018, 13:02 IST

UFC 225: Dos Anjos v Covington
We fight, we break up. We kiss, we make up.

A 'Sacred cow' denotes an idea, custom, or institution held to be above criticism, Joe Rogan, by all means, is the perfect example for a sacred cow in the MMA world. In his astounding career as UFC's funniest man, he has been hardly criticised or ridiculed by anyone and is revered and loved by all.

The highly professional and rational Rogan is not just a fight commentator for the MMA world. He is a Yoda figure who inspires and give perspective to many fight fans and fighters alike.

Rogan and his podcast have played a significant role in promoting fights for the UFC and bringing more eyeballs to the event. MMA fans love him and his hyperbolic rants about the major happenings in the combat.

UFC 225: Whittaker v Romero
Made America Great Again.

Colby Covington on his way to the UFC welterweight title shot has steamed up many individuals, In fact, the word 'Individuals' will be underselling him. He literally got Nations to turn against by provoking them.

Colby is completely unapologetic and often has harsh words for his haters. He recently hit Twitter and gave away the ending of the new Star Wars movie. His incentive, he states, to ruin the move for its fans, whom he counts as his haters.

This is just a leaf out of the long list of mischiefs orchestrated by the UFC's top welterweight. The hate comments he made against Brazil after beating the Jiu-Jitsu legend Damien Maia, made the entire Nation wanting to destroy his career and angered the 'favela gangs', who later fixed a price for his head.

Later he had a beef with former heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum which culminated by Colby getting hit with Werdum's boomerang. Colby had attacked former light-heavyweight Jon Jones via Twitter on multiple occasions and clearly succeeded in getting him triggered.

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - August 7, 2017
Jon 'Bones' Jones.

Things took a very different turn as the 'Powerful' Joe Rogan warned Colby Covington regarding the repercussions of going after Jon Jones. The 'King of Chaos' turned against the 'Sacred Cow'. A crime no one else ever dared to commit.

Colby in an interview with Radio stated that Rogan should worry about what he’s saying about him because they might just meet face to face soon during UFC 225 and he might just have to slap Rogan unless he minds his business.

While Colby's intention behind making these statements were clearly to draw more attention, he had to face the wrath of millions of Rogan fans, the hate was powerful. Rogan is a god-like figure for many. Colby should have stayed in his lane.

UFC 219: Nurmagomedov v Barboza
Nurmagomedov bestows Joe Rogan with his Papakha (Dagestani hat).

"Seriously, how can someone slap Joe Rogan? He has done great things for the fight world. It is the 'Powerful' Joe Rogan, Black belt in BJJ & Taekwondo. Nobody slaps Rogan. This man has done nothing but good for mankind".

Colby, being a bully to the 'Sacred Cow' clearly triggered many among the MMA fraternity. Things escalated further as former UFC welterweight champion and renowned BJJ coach Matt Serra called him out as a show of respect to Rogan.

Soon, the 'Rogan-Colby' situation became the most talked story inside the MMA fraternity. It even eclipsed the debate surrounding the heated fight cards of the UFC 225 event at Chicago. All the eyeballs were focused towards the time when Colby confronted Rogan at Chicago.

Rogan took him very lightly and jokingly pleaded via his podcast requesting Colby to not Slap him. But the internet was more keen on them squaring off and already done their skill breakdown. Afterall why should Rogan be scared, he has one of the most powerful kicks in the MMA world.

Portraits And Performances At The Ice House Comedy Club
Powerful Joe Rogan.

Rogan, in his prime, was a killer martial artist and was a nightmare for all his rivals. He may not have any MMA fight time in his CV but his kicks are so fine-tuned that top MMA fighters like Georges St-Pierre take his classes during training camps.

Tension rose as the fight week approached, It was very clear that Dana White will end Colby's MMA career if he actually dared to touch his longtime friend Rogan. But Colby was too unpredictable to guarantee that nothing unfortunate happened.

The fight day came closer, Rogan was about to Interview Colby in front of the Chicago crowd during the ceremonial Weigh-Ins. This was the first time they were to meet after the situation escalated.

On the day of the ceremonial weigh-ins, Rogan welcomed Colby to the stage. He then started asking his usual fight related questions, nothing bad happened that evening. The fans were relieved that their hero was untouched, or rather cannot be touched. But the heat was still high as the D-day was not here yet.

Finally, The fight day approached and after five rounds of war, It was time for the post-fight interview, and to everyone's surprise, It was Colby who was about to get interviewed by the veteran commentator Rogan.

Colby got a unanimous win against the Brazilain Rafael Dos Anjos and became the interim welterweight champion. He walked his talk. He showcased an unbelievable cardio and the pressure was too intense for Dos Anjos to handle. In Colby's own words, he had made America and the welterweight division great again.

The moment has come, Rogan entered the octagon. Everybody was anticipating something terrible to happen now, but to everyone's surprise, Colby didn't slap Rogan on the face but kissed him on his cheek. Rogan didn't Taekwondo Kick Colby but praised him as he was inducted as the new king of the welterweight division.

All these built up culminated in Colby kissing Rogan. This is probably the most unexpected twist in any climax of a story. Both of them were best buddies that day. Rogan was visibly biased towards Colby during the commentary and now he got kissed by the man who threatened to slap him on the same cheek moments ago.

Powerful Joe Rogan proved once again that he is untouchable and will remain the 'Sacred Cow' of UFC. This gesture by Colby definitely won him the hearts of millions of Rogan fans and also a ticket to Rogan's powerful podcast, which is an accolade for any MMA fighter.

Colby had stated in an Interview with the popular MMA Journalist, Ariel Helwani that, calling out Rogan was one of the biggest mistakes of his life and he regrets doing so. He even gave Rogan an informal apology for doing so.

The 'King of Chaos' may have given a pass to the sacred cow, but he clearly doesn't intend to do the same for any of his other victims. Moments after becoming the new champ, he called out Tyron Woodley in his trademarked fashion.

And the list of his victims got bigger by every other day. The new storyline of UFC is 'Colby against the world', and he will have the 'Powerful' Joe Rogan as his frontman to back him up during his new endeavors.

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