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Conor McGregor's manager reveals which weight class he's happiest at in 2020

R. Nath
Modified 05 Feb 2020, 12:27 IST

McGregor v Cerrone
McGregor v Cerrone

From the look of things, Conor McGregor is never fighting at Featherweight again in the UFC. Despite it being the division he first conquered - the weight cut was a bit of a struggle and he looked frail in comparison to his fights at Lightweight and Welterweight.

His manager Audie Attar told MMA Fighting that a move back to 145 pounds is unhealthy and thus, unlikely. He said that McGregor is a lot happier at 170:

“I look at all my clients as human beings and I’ve seen him at 145, 155 and 170 in mixed martial arts and he just appears to be a lot happier at 170,” Attar said. “It’s not as strenuous on the body as it relates to the weight cut. That does not mean he wouldn’t be able to make 155. 145, I just think it’s unhealthy. To go back down to that weight class would just be unhealthy.

He said that 155 is still going to happen because he's keen on it. But ultimately, the fact that McGregor walks around weighing 168-169 pounds means that there's no weight cut.

“But 155 is doable and something I know he’s keen on doing again so that’s not out of the realm of possibility. But you can’t deny how comfortable he was 170. That was his normal frame. So not having to put your body through a rigorous weight cut, there’s something to be said about that.”

Attar emphasized the importance of improving strength and muscle mass:

“I think that particularly if you’re able to keep your strength or improve your strength and your muscle mass, and more importantly be able to carry your weight to keep your speed and quickness and explosiveness, well then why not?”

He concluded by saying that competitive advantage isn't always about size. He deemed it as a more "subjective" thing, and that the right mindset and energy on the night of the fight is just as important.

There's no denying that the mental aspect plays a huge role in a big fight. Will McGregor be able to remain at Welterweight and take on the likes of Jorge Masvidal?

Published 05 Feb 2020, 12:27 IST
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