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Diego Sanchez blasts UFC for weight-cutting issues following Kevin Lee failing to make weight

  • Diego Sanchez had some choice words for the current system in place in the UFC. #UFC #UFCBrasilia
Modified 14 Mar 2020, 14:17 IST

Diego Sanchez
Diego Sanchez

Diego Sanchez has always been rather open regarding his opinions on different issues in the UFC. Heading into UFC Brasilia, Kevin Lee failed to make weight and will be giving up a percentage of his weight cut.

This is the second time in a period of three weeks that the main event of a UFC Fight Night is being affected due to a failure on the part of a fighter to make weight. In the light of these glaring issues, Diego Sanchez made his feelings regarding the entire weight-cutting procedure in the UFC very clear.

Diego Sanchez puts UFC on blast for weight-cutting issues

Sanchez was very disappointed with Lee's failure to make weight and said that the current status of the fighter will give him an unfair advantage to win the fight. He said that he had pointed out that weight-cutting was damaging to the health of a fighter for years, but there had been no changes. He said that the illegal use of IVs by some fighters to rehydrate was not being checked by the UFC after the event, and this was unfair on those fighters who were following the rules.

He said that IVs should be made legal, as fighters who fought fair like Sanchez were forced to fight men who outweighed them by 25 lbs by the time of the Fight Night. You can see the whole post here.

"All I’m saying is do they really even care? No they don’t! Just like last weeks fight joe b was ko’d by a bigger man that missed weight by three lbs?! when he only has 20 hours to rehydrate and it’s impossible to rehydrate the brain and human cells with out an iv. People will say he was just caught but had he been at 100 % health with no severe dehydration he could have probably absorbed and survived the blow with his great conditioning maybe not?! But from my personal experience every time I was i was knocked out I cut a lot of weight and IV’s were prohibited."

Sanchez pointing out the unfair practices in UFC highlights an issue that the UFC has never really put the spotlight on. It will be interesting to see how the UFC responds and if there are any changes. It seems highly unlikely at this point.

For now, Charles Oliveira will be getting 20% of Kevin Lee's fight-purse and will have to try his best to defeat the fighter.

Published 14 Mar 2020, 14:17 IST
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