Eddie Alvarez wants return to action in ONE Championship to be on American soil

Former lightweight world champion Eddie Alvarez wants to return to the arena on American soil next time [Credit: ONE Championship]
Former lightweight world champion Eddie Alvarez wants to return to the arena on American soil next time [Credit: ONE Championship]

Eddie Alvarez wants to return to action as soon as possible and is hoping that the next event he features in will be hosted on American soil.

ONE Vice President Rich Franklin told press at the ONE and Prime Video press conference in July that the company is aiming towards having events air live on American ground in 2023.

The company’s evolution to include the United States is a model that they've been working on pre-pandemic. Now, with COVID-19 restrictions lifted in Asia, the dream to globalize their particular brand of martial arts is becoming a reality.

Alvarez is especially excited by the prospect of fighting in his own backyard in Philadelphia someday. 'The Underground King' told The Schmo that he's working with ONE Championship to make this happen.

“I’m looking to get here in the United States. This is what we talked about when I signed. It’s about coming here to America, getting a footprint in America, and me fighting on US soil. I’m hoping to sit down with them to talk about what state we’re fighting in, who we’re fighting in front of here in the United States on Amazon Prime.”

Catch the interview below:


On a personal level, fighting in the United States means Alvarez could potentially save hours of travel time to Asia in order to fight closer to home. But publicly, his presence will increase the influence of the sport of martial arts to include not only MMA, but other competitive disciplines such as Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and submission grappling.

ONE Championship has yet to finalize which State will take the lead. Rich Franklin has mentioned Colorado a couple of times in past interviews but there’s still no confirmation at this point.

Eddie Alvarez has an opponent willing to go to war with him at featherweight

Eddie Alvarez has a major target on his back. Former featherweight world champion Martin Nguyen is willing to have a go with the Philadelphia superstar now that ONE Championship is airing events at US primetime.

The Vietnamese-Australian considers it good PR for both of them if Alvarez accepts his proposal, as he told ONE:

“I think it’s almost like the stars aligned. If Eddie Alvarez comes down to featherweight, why not? You know, that’s perfect. He’s got all the backing behind him, the American fans. Let’s just make it happen, and I’m sure a lot of people will be tuning in... I’m definitely excited about that idea. It would give me a chance to just make a statement.”

While that would be a great idea for the near future, Eddie Alvarez still has some unfinished business in the lightweight division. If he wins his next bout, which has yet to be announced, a world title fight opportunity could be next.

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