Exclusive: Liz Carmouche on her next UFC fight, Madison Square Garden, HempMeds & more

Liz Carmouche / Photo courtesy of HempMeds
Liz Carmouche / Photo courtesy of HempMeds

Liz Carmouche has the distinction of being the first female fighter in UFC history to win a fight at Madison Square Garden.

She is further a pioneer as the first openly-gay UFC fighter and was one of the first MMA fighters altogether to openly endorse the usage of CBD oil products; Carmouche is a celebrity spokesperson for HempMeds, the first hemp-based CBD oil product producer in the United States.

Noted Liz Carmouche -- a five-year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps -- about said CBD products and why she embraces them publicly in a recent interview: “Cannabis became part of my journey as a UFC fighter a little over two years ago as I was searching for something that had no side effects like some traditional medications do."

I had the pleasure of doing Q&A with Liz Carmouche -- who will be fighting Lucie Pudilova at UFC Fight Night 145 on February 23rd -- about her work with HempMeds and plenty more. Carmouche can be followed on Twitter via @IAmGirlrilla.


Is there a career accomplishment you are proudest of so far?

Liz Carmouche: I have accomplished a lot so far in my career, but my biggest accomplishment will be once I get that belt. That’s when I will be most satisfied!

Was fighting at Madison Square Garden as big of a deal for you as it seemed to be?

Liz Carmouche: Fighting at Madison Square Garden was incredible. My mom was born and raised in New York City and always talked about how great of an arena it is and about the legends who performed and fought there, so it was a really big deal for me to make history and fight there.

How did you first become familiar with CBDs?

Liz Carmouche: I first became familiar with CBD from fellow veterans who suggested I try it for recovery purposes after workouts and fights.

CBD has made sense to me because I always preferred to put natural things in my body and not be weighted down with prescriptions that are associated with many side effects and addiction risks. I tried many different brands of CBD, but HempMeds works the best for me.

How did the opportunity to work with HempMeds come up?

Liz Carmouche: I was really fortunate that my management team connected me with a vet who at the time was working for HempMeds.

The HempMeds team was really relatable from the beginning and made me excited to try the products. I fell in love with the quality and affects the first time I used them. I now use them daily and also promote them in my gyms.


Do you have a favorite HempMeds product?

Liz Carmouche: My favorite HempMeds products are the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Capsules and the Real Scientific Hemp Oil Salve!

Career-wise, HempMeds aside, what is coming up for you? A big fight against Lucie Pudilová, yes?

Liz Carmouche: Yes, my next big fight is coming up on February 23rd in Prague against Lucie Pudilová.

Is there something you wish more people knew about Liz Carmouche? Any surprising hobbies?

Liz Carmouche: I think people would be surprised to know how much of a family we are at the gym, it’s really unique. Not just the staff, but the members as well. As for hobbies, I'm always open to trying anything at least once and I love extreme sports!

Finally, Liz, any last words for the kids?

Liz Carmouche: For the kids, I would say live by the phrase “no one can tell you that you can't do anything, the sky is the limit." It is a quote I believe in and has taken me this far.


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