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Get ready to battle as Reebok brings UFC merchandize to India!

5.16K   //    17 Feb 2016, 16:26 IST
The most legit MMA experience awaits ardent Indian UFC fans

“Fighter, are you ready? Fighter, are you ready? FIGHT!” How many times have MMA and UFC loyalists in India fantasized about hearing those words standing inside the octagon?

Well, time to see what they're made of because the moment of truth is here. After forming a historic partnership with the UFC, global sports apparel titan Reebok is giving fight fans in India the most authentic MMA experience they've had thus far.

Reebok has announced the launch of the exclusive UFC and combat collection in India and we can’t wait to get our hands on it!

Being an MMA fan is tough. Where we see the beauty of a savage science, others see barbarity. When we gaze in wonder at poetry in motion and warriors engaged in artistry, others smirk in ignorance. Well, enough of that. With Reebok introducing official UFC fan gear in India, we can walk proudly wearing the colours of our favorite fighters like Conor McGregor, Anthony Pettis and Georges St.Pierre.

This a beacon for every fight fan who can trace his roots back to the good old days of the WWE’s Attitude Era, when the universe was made up of the sun, the moon, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, the New Age Outlaws and the Undertaker.

Remember when we strutted around wearing their t-shirts because we were the coolest people in the room? Well, that time has come again because no longer do we have to make sheepish requests to friends and relatives coming in from abroad and put up with their condescension just because they have no inkling of the phenomenon that is MMA.

With Reebok launching the combat collection in India, there can be no more excuses about not having the right kind of gear to train in, no more pulling punches and holding back the submissions.

Like they say in The Ultimate Fighter, “So you want to be a fighter?”. Well, there's only one way to do it. You must train like a fighter.

Reebok now gives the hordes of MMA-crazy Indians the opportunity to test their limits and up their combat training game by bringing gear in which top UFC athletes train such as longtime UFC Welterweight champion and MMA legend Georges St.Pierre, Featherweight champion 'The Notorious' Conor McGregor and former Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey.

The two faces of the UFC – Conor McGregor and Ronda Rousey

In fact, McGregor, who ended Jose Aldo's dominant decade-long title reign with a single punch, and Rousey, one of the most impressive female athletes in the world, have lent their names to the line, so cast aside any doubts you might have.

You can purchase the exclusive fan gear at and Myntra. 

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