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Hyderabadi teen dies following a street-fighting duel with friends

Ratish Menon
3.80K   //    11 May 2015, 10:20 IST
WWE stars are trained professionals

There are constant reinforcements by the combat sports companies asking for the action depicted in the ring/cage to be left to the professionals, and not to be performed at home by untrained and under-influence youngsters. In a dark reminder of the advice falling on deaf ears, a 17-year old in Hyderabad died after a ‘fight’ in a contest with his friend, with a packet of biriyani being the coveted prize.

The victim, 17-year old Nabil Mohammed, son of Mohammed Dastagir and Shabana, residents of Miralam Mandi, Old Hyderabad, was out with his group of friends in the early hours of May 3, when a ‘tournament of fighting’ was organised by the members of the group, with the packet of biriyani being put up as the trophy courtesy of one of the members, with relations to a local hotelier.

After winning the first 2 fights, Owais a 19-year old teen was left without challengers and after being insulted by the group members, an enraged Nabil tried to take on the group toughie, 2 years older to him. What followed was a gruesome punching contest following which a lifeless Nabil hits the ground. He was declared dead on arrival after being rushed to the hospital nearby.

The incident came to light after the father of the deceased lodged a complaint with the police, after the group of teens lied to him about Nabil dying following a road accident. The inquiry by the cops revealed the actual happenings, after a video surfaced of the recording of the fight.

Ratish Menon
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