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Interview: UFC fighter Arjan Singh Bhullar talks Jinder Mahal, UFC's promotional push and more

Rohit Nath
885   //    14 Feb 2018, 13:48 IST

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Arjan Singh Bhullar and Jinder Mahal are known friends

Two months from now, the first UFC fighter of Indian origin, Arjan Singh Bhullar will be taking on Adam Wieczorek in his second UFC bout. The fight will take place on April 14th at UFC On Fox: Poirier vs Gaethje, which will be broadcasted exclusively on SONY ESPN channels. For Indian viewers, the card will take place on the morning of April 15th.

We caught up with Bhullar, and here's what he had to say ahead of his upcoming fight.

Sportskeeda: Though he wasn't able to make it last time, can we expect Jinder Mahal to accompany you in your next fight or have you talked to him about accompanying you to the Octagon in the future?

Arjan Singh Bhullar: Jinder and I haven’t talked about it yet, but regardless if his schedule allows him to make it or not, I know he will be a supporter of mine no matter where he is watching from.

SK: What was your experience like when you first walked towards the octagon against Luis Henrique?

ASB: The first fight and the last fight will always be special. That night was a big moment for everyone and is now a great memory. April 14th on Vaisakhi, I will proudly represent Indians and Sikhs worldwide.

SK: You have an upcoming fight against Adam Wieczorek at UFC on FOX. What's the difference that you can feel from the last fight and how do you think he plans to approach this fight?

ASB: I don’t know how he plans to approach the fight, but I am better in all aspects already. My approach is professional, and my execution will be masterful.

SK: If you rack up the wins, do you expect a good promotional push from the UFC, especially given your Indian heritage?


ASB: I’m in the business of winning fights and I know that the UFC is in the business of promotion. I trust that the UFC will support myself along with all the markets they hope to tap into. I want to focus on my current fight and as I continue to take care of things in the Octagon, I can’t wait for the company to do an event in India.

SK: Have you had a chance to check out the Indian MMA scene, and what are your thoughts on the growing MMA culture in India?

ASB: The people are very educated, and there is a huge base of support for combat sports in the country. Once there is an event in India, the high-level athletes in Wrestling and Boxing will see that MMA is a viable career option for them.

SK: Who is your dream opponent on the UFC roster, be it the heavyweight or light heavyweight division?

ASB: Myself. If I can continue to push my own boundaries, and be the master of my physical/mental/spiritual, I will have no problem with anyone else.

SK: When was the moment you decided to transition from an amateur wrestling career to an MMA career, and when did you realise the scope that you had in MMA?

ASB: I knew heading into the 2012 Olympics that it was going to be my last match. I had already decided I was going to be a UFC champion. I made the switch after then.

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