Joe Rogan shares heartwarming drawing of Marvin Hagler he did as a teenager

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Joe Rogan has shared a drawing he did of boxing legend Marvin Hagler in 1983 when he was only 15 years old.

Marvin Hagler died at the age of 66 last Saturday. His death was announced by his wife, Kay Hagler, on Facebook. 'Marvelous' was a former undisputed middleweight champion.

The legendary pugilist's reign in the weight class lasted almost a decade. He managed to hold the belt from 1980 to 1987 before being dethroned by Sugar Ray Leonard in a controversial match.

Rogan, a combat sports hardcore fan, was especially fond of Marvin Hargle as the boxer ruled the division during the UFC color commentator's teenage years.

He took to his Instagram account to share a heartwarming text honoring the boxing superstar and present a drawing he did of the champion in his fight against Tony Sibson.

"I drew this piece of Marvin Hagler way back in 1983 when I was 15. I remember watching a TV profile on him where he was running on the beach in the dead of winter shadow boxing and screaming "WAR!" They showed his maniacal dedication to training and fight preparation, and it had a massive influence on me. I would think of him when I was tired and was considering stopping. I would imagine what he would do, and it would always fill me with energy. When I heard he died yesterday, I was stunned. I was such a massive fan all my life, and every now and then, I'll go to YouTube and watch some of his classic fights. The other day I watched his victory over [John] Mugabi, and it was every bit as epic as I remembered. They don't make many human beings as incredible as Marvin Hagler. He was truly one of the greats. Rest in peace."

Marvin Hagler suffered only three losses in his professional career of 67 matches, and defended his middleweight belt 12 times.

UFC reacts to Marvin Hagler's death

Many UFC fighters have paid tribute to Marvin Hagler as the legendary boxer was an inspiration to many mixed martial artists in the promotion.

"Hagler was in my mind last night and his family is on my heart. One of the all time greats and favorites to watch," Dan Ige wrote.

Before the boxer's death, Leon Edwards posted Marvin Hagler's quotes and videos throughout the week ahead of his bout with Belal Muhammad.

The promotion also aired an homage to 'Marvelous' during the Fight Night event this past Saturday.

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