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JSJ Fight League (JSL) season one concluded successfully

652   //    17 Nov 2016, 13:27 IST
JSJ fight league’s fight card

Despite the heavy rain, more than a thousand spectators came together to witness an MMA event on the eastern border of India- Mizoram; hence, proving once again, that it is indeed one of the fastest growing sports in the world.

On 5th November 2016, JSJ Fight League 2 & 3 was successfully concluded at Mizoram University Multipurpose Hall. Tickets were sold for Rs 100, 200, 500 and 1000, and all the seats were filled. There were spectators not only from Mizoram but also from Meghalaya and Manipur, who travelled just for the event.

The event was hosted by the Mizoram State MMA Association (MISMA) and sanctioned by India’s largest and oldest MMA organisation- the All India MMA Association (AIMMAA). AIMMAA deputed MISMA Technical chairman, who is also an international referee Mr Samuel Lalrozama as the event commissioner and head referee.

Public in front of the shopping mall at the Staredowns

MISMA organised JSL #1 on February with huge success. JSL 1-3 is clubbed as season one, and season two will start in 2017. Staredowns and weigh-ins were held on 4th November at Millennium Center shopping mall courtyard. Despite the rain, the area was filled with MMA fans and even caused traffic jams.

The event on 5th November was divided into two sessions, the first session was JSL #2, with fighters from different backgrounds, each one having at least one MMA record. The event was started with a speech from the Chief Guest followed by a speech by JSJ FitPro owner Dr Joel Lalnghakliana Pautu.

In the first bout of JSL 2, a state level boxing champion met a state Muay Thai champion. Bout #2, saw two wushu fighters matching skills. Bout #3 was a Muay Thai fighter against the state ‘Champion of the Champions’ in taekwondo, who is also a bronze medalist at the AIMMAA national tournament.

Bout #4 again saw a taekwondo state champion and a silver medalist in Amateur MMA –AIMMAA nationals 2016, against an experienced MMA fighter. And once again, a state boxing champion met a wrestler in bout #5.

The co-main event was an open weight category with Sailo representing the Mizoram Police against a boxer with a good national record from Meghalaya. The main event was an international bout, with one of the best Muay Thai and Kickboxing artist of the state, debuting in MMA against one of Bangladesh’s best amateur fighter.


It was a very close fight, but the Mizo fighter gave a lucky punch and won the bout.

Triangle choke by Rama
An attempted arm bar from guard

JSL 3 was started with a speech by R. Zosangliana, MISMA president.  There was one Woman’s bout, where a national level taekwondo player met a state medalist in boxing. The co-main event got everyone off their seats when a Muay Thai artist from the state took on a Wushu fighter from Bengal.

In the main event, one of the best fighters from North East met face to face; a Muay Thai artist met a Wrestler, both with good MMA records. Championship titles were awarded in five categories:

1. Flyweight: Pathianmawlsawmdawngliana (Kawrtethawveng/ Chaltlang)

2. Bantamweight: Dengthanchhunga (Kulikawn)

3. Featherweight: Lalchhuanmawia (Republic Vengthlang)

4. Lightweight: Rosangzuala (Kolasib)

5. Welterweight: Lalhasanga Lelhchhun (Venghlui)

There were special awards too:

Submission of the season: Lalchhuanawma Zote

KO of the season: Deng Thanchhunga

Best Fighter of the Season: PMS Dawngliana

Mizoram MMA instructor- Deng (Bantam weight champion and KO of the season awardee)


Best Fighter of the Season and Fly Weight champion – PMS Dawnga

The Chief Guest of the event was the honourable Home Minister of Mizoram, R. Lalzirliana. He expressed his interest and how he found the fight exciting, watching it live: “While we thought we would be watching MMA events on televisions only, we are surprised and at the same time lucky to see it live, right in front of our eyes. I really appreciate the efforts of the organisers. I congratulate MISMA, JSJ and AIMMAA on their endeavours. MMA has opened a very good chance for fighters to earn through their talent”.

There were two other VIP guests besides him- Vanlalawmpuii, Member of Legislative Assembly, Govt. of Mizoram and Thianghlima Pachuau, Director General of Police.

Combat games association leaders from Boxing and Karate, plus representatives from the Mizoram Police Sports Control Board and the Sports Promotion Officer from the Mizoram Govt. Sports Council also were present. FitPro director from Bangalore Mr Saad Khayoom also attended the event.

He praised the organisers and said that FitPro would be ready to help organise such events in the future, in Mizoram. The main sponsor of the event were JSJ Fitpro gym owners - Dr Jeremy Lalrinsanga and Dr Joel Lalnghakliana Pautu; while Samsung 3:16 Plan Solution was the co-sponsor.

The cable partner was Zonet cable Pvt. Ltd. who broadcasted the event live in Mizoram, Manipur, Meghalaya, Assam, Bengal, Delhi and Odisha. Other Sponsors were NetSurf, Delta Sound, RK Digital Printing,, Bajaj World, RTZ Enterprize, Tawrhbawm, JMB Management, Suzuki, Computer House, Ayush department, Dr Thangchungnunga and Lalremruata Hauhnar (Mapuia).

After seeing the success of the event, many sponsors came out to extend their support and in 2017 we may see many big regular MMA fight nights in Mizoram. One of the most popular rock band in the North East from Mood Station in Mizoram composed an official theme song for MISMA and the league, here it is:



The Chief Guest Mr Lalzirliana (Home Minister) giving a speech, with Executive members of MISMA.
The VIP area: DG of Police, Home Minister, MISMA President, Smt. Awpi (MLA), John (Samsung), Dr. Zoram (Mizoram Boxing president), Dr. TC nunga (MSCI, Director)
JSL #2 winners


JSJ Fight League (JSL) #2 Result:

1. Lightweight: C. Lalfakawma (Durtlang Leitan) def. Lanlalnunpuia (5th IR Battalion Lungverh) via TKO

2. Featherweigth: Remruatsanga Ralte (Thuampui) def. Obeda Vanlalhmangaiha (ITI) via Rear Naked Choke

3. Bantamweight: PC Vanlalthuammawia (Thuampui) def. Lalramdinthara (Thenzawl) via Split Decision

4. Flyweight:  Pathianmawlsawmdawngliana (Kawrtethawveng/ Chaltlang) def. Lalbiaksanga (Tuikual North) via Unanimous Decision

5. Welterweight:  C. Lalsangliana (Lily Veng) def. C. Lalfamkima (Kolasib) via TKO

6. Openweight:  Ngurlianzuala (3rd Batt. MAP, Mualpui) def. Johnny Rymnong (Meghalaya) via Unanimous Decision.

7. Flyweight: Ngursaimawia Sailo (Luangmual, India) def. Md Abu Sayed (Bangladesh) via TKO

Staredowns (Main event of JSL#3)

JSJ Fight League (JSL) #3 Result:

1. Flyweight: Pathianmawlsawmdawngliana (Kawrtethawveng/ Chaltlang) def. Benjamin Laltlankima (Chaltlang) via Unanimous Decision

2. Featherweight: Lalchhuanmawia (Republic Vengthlang) def. Remruatsanga Ralte (Thuampui) via Rear Naked Choke)

3. Lightweight: Rosangzuala (Kolasib) def. C. Lalfakawma (Durtlang Leitan) via Unanimous Decision

4. Bantamweight: Dengthanchhunga (Kulikawn) def. PC Vanlalthuammawia (Thuampui) via KO

5. Welterweight: Lalthasanga Lelhchhun (Venghlui) def. C. Lalsangliana (Lily Veng) via Guillotine Choke

6. Straweight: C. Lalruatfeli (Kolasib) def. K. Lalrinpuii (Edenthar) via Unanimous Decision

7. Welterweight (Pro): Zorammawia (Zarkawt, Mizoram) def Aaqib Maqsood (Bengal) via TKO

8. Bantamweight (Pro): Roshan Luwang (Manipur) def. Zorinmawia (Luangmual, Mizoram) via Rear Naked Choke

A perfect click by photographers

List of officials:

Head Referee: Samuel Lalrozâma Hmar

Second Referee: Vanlalhruaia Sailo

Supervisor: R. Zosângliana  (President, MISMA) 


1. Andrew Zonunsanga (Joint Secy., MISMA)

2. Lalchhuanmâwia Hnamte (Joint Secy., MISMA)      

3. Lalhakima  (Treasurer, MISMA)   

4. Michael L. Malsawmsânga (General Secy., MISMA)        

5. R. Lalnunpuia (Vice President, MISMA)   

Time Keepers: 1. Zoremsanga                   

2. Zorêlliana Hmar (Serchhip district)      

3. Lalanpuia Royte (Lunglei district)

Cutman: B.Lalhruaizela (Serchhip district)


1. Marilyn May Khawlhring 

2. Lalhmachhuana


1. R. Lalawmpuia    

2. Ramiel Vanlalneihi


1. Michael Ruatfela Ralte  

2. Lalremtluanga

Media in charge: Lalmalsawmtluanga

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