Kumite 1 League: Home of Indian MMA launches Warrior Hunt

Kumite 1
Kumite 1

Indian Mixed Martial Arts Promotion Kumite 1 League launches yet another landmark property after a successful introductory event in Mumbai with brand ambassador Mike Tyson in September 2018.

The new property on the road is Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt, India's first talent hunt in a televised reality show format looking for the best of Indian MMA talent.

Inspired by popular reality show formats like “The Contenders” and “The Ultimate Fighter”, Kumite 1 Warrior Hunt will be a story of the top 10 MMA athletes from across India. The winning pool will be a 70%-30% male-female ratio, which will comprise of 7 Male Weight Categories and 3 Female Weight Categories.

Registrations are open on www.kumite1league.com

The contest is not restricted to only amateur or professional Mixed Martial Arts talent; any combat sports athlete can take part. Most importantly, there is no registration fee.

In order to maintain the credibility of the sport as well as the aesthetic value of a televised reality show, a number of important documents like Government ID, Pictures, Medical Reports and other details will need to be uploaded when filling up the registration form.

The show will travel to different cities in an audition format where participants will be adjudged/shortlisted on the basis of their ground game and standup game techniques along with a test of their personality.

Speaking about this noble initiative Mr. Mohamedali Budhwani, the founder of Kumite 1 League said:

“MMA is a sport that I follow out of passion. We Indians worship / love and follow our idols – whether they are from sports or fine arts. Warrior Hunt will create idols of Mixed Martial Arts in India in the longer run.”

The auditions are slated to start from the month of August 2019. The promotion has also roped in a few celebrities of the sport of MMA to be a part of the show and process of selecting the best talent from India. That apart, broadcasting partnerships are being discussed with multiple partners at this point of time. All of it will be revealed soon to the public.

The biggest news amidst all will be the prize pool. Mr. Budhwani said:

“Wait for it! It will be a figure the Indian Mixed Martial Arts community has not ever imagined.”

Edited by Amar Anand
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