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Marlon Moraes says he lost all his respect for Jose Aldo after calling out Henry Cejudo

R. Nath
Published Jan 13, 2020
Jan 13, 2020 IST

Marlon Moraes v Jose Aldo
Marlon Moraes v Jose Aldo

Marlon Moraes defeated Jose Aldo by a controversial split decision at UFC 245. Moraes believes that he got the nod but that wasn't the most notable thing after the fight. It was the comments made by Jose Aldo that has angered "Magic" Moraes.

He told MMAFighting that he has no respect for Aldo anymore:

Right now, I have no respect for this guy,” Moraes told MMA Fighting. “Zero respect, not for him, not for his team, for how they are acting. At the fight, Aldo took the microphone, he says I want to congratulate you, no big drama. But he goes home and he sees what Henry (Cejudo) says and he changes literally from 0 to 100. From blue to red. Like ‘I won the fight, Marlon was scared, I see his face.’

He fired back at claims that he was scared:

“I was not scared. I’ve got 30 fights. I’ve been fighting everyday. I’m not going to be scared. Of course, I’m fighting Aldo, I got a little nervous. Everybody gets a little nervous, but once you get in there, it’s just another body in there. ... He acts like he accepted [the loss], he talked with me right there, and he goes home and he does an interview and talks all this sh*t. F*ck this guy.”

He says that the more he watches back his fight, the more he's convinced that he's won. He says that the only reason people think Aldo won is because of his name value, the crowd reaction, and the fact that he was walking forward.

“I watched it four or five times, and I know more than I won. I’m fine. I beat this guy and won. Like I said before, it was going to be hard to beat him on the score because I’m fighting Jose Aldo, I’ve got to finish him. I could not finish him, but I definitely think I won.”

He said that fighting smart got him booed but knows that the reason Cejudo wants Jose Aldo is that it's a "low risk higher reward" type of contest for the Champion. He claims that Petr Yan, Aljamain Sterling, and Cory Sandhagen are more deserving of a shot at the title than Aldo is and once again slammed the fellow-Brazilian for calling for a title shot.

Moraes sent a message to Aldo, telling him to "take his time" and beat other contenders and finish somebody before calling his shot. He remains positive that he'll get the fight again, indicating at a future title shot.

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