Mike Perry has a unique opinion on fighter pay and the UFC

Mike Perry got his hand raised in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night against Mickey Gall.
Mike Perry got his hand raised in the co-main event of UFC Fight Night against Mickey Gall.
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Mike Perry gave a unique third insight on the topic of fighter pay during his post-fight interview with Jon Anik. "Platinum" Mike Perry had dominated Mickey Gall in the co-main event of UFC Vegas 4.

Every fighter in the UFC is currently silent or speaking out against the UFC in regards to how much money they get paid. Champions have led the talks this time with "Triple C" Henry Cejudo even retiring in UFC's first event post-COVID-19.

In a rant that seemed bizarre at times, Mike Perry laid out his feelings on the table on issues like fighter pay.

"I gotta talk to the tax folk, and see if we can run that number down because I believe I paid out over $100,000 last year between a couple of different countries. Now they’re trying to hit me again at the end of the year. It’s almost like I don’t even fight for a minimum wage sometimes. Look, I ain’t trying to be one of these guys asking for more money. I’m not. I’m asking for the government to stop taking so much of this … Maybe we put something in the contract that’s like when Platinum gets paid, the taxes get paid. That’s my money. Don’t give me money if you don’t want me to spend it. Then you’re gonna come back and ask me for some later. That doesn’t make any sense. I’m trying to wild out, bro. I need mai tais on the beach.” - Mike Perry post-fight interview

Mike Perry seems happy with the money offered on the table by the UFC but is unhappy over huge taxes. For someone like him to pay over $100,000 in tax last year sounds crazy.

Especially considering he was broke last year and just had $6 on his bank account when he lost to Vicente Luque. That fight in Uruguay, where Perry would have earned somewhere around 63K including sponsorships, saw the host nation take 17 grand off Mike Perry's pocket.

As if that was not enough of itself, 15% of his earnings were also due to his management and coaches. He was also behind on his tax so this rant isn't out of context for him.

“58 to show, Uruguay took 17, management and team 15%, still got last year’s taxes. Nose job priceless. Money in the bank $6.00. 400k fans on IG tho.”- Mike Perry's post on Instagram after his loss against Vicente Luque

# Mike Perry's Trust Issues

Mike Perry came out for this fight with his girlfriend Latory Gonzalez as his only corner member. While this move was being viewed by some as Diego Sanchezesque, Perry put that doubt to bed after a slow start in the first round.

"I'm gonna find a training camp. I'm gonna find some teammates. I'm looking to move towards South Florida and I'll be around. I'll take some knowledge from some of you guys. I prefer a friendship basis over someone who thinks they can just tell me how to win where I haven't seen them win and I' m in that octagon and not the people who will be trying to coach".- Mike Perry's post-fight interview

His post-fight interview said a lot about his frame of mind when he mentioned the need for his coaches to have a good relation with him. He has changed camps a lot during his MMA career but hasn't found a place that he can truly call 'home'.

Being broke last year also seems to have given him a greater perspective on what he wants for himself from others. He is looking for someone who is not just there to take his cut but rather help him fulfill his potential.

Fusion XL Academy and JacksonWink MMA are some of the gyms that Perry has trained under over in recent years but finding his next one, the right one, will be important. It could be the make or break of his career.

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