MMA/AEW News: Anthony Garrett blasts Jake Hager for controversial finish

Jake Hager
Jake Hager
Modified 28 Oct 2019

Anthony Garrett was recently on The Hannibal TV where he talked about his fight with Jake Hager at Bellator 231. Unfortunately for Garrett, the fight ended in a no-contest with him taking a kick to the groin.

He talked about how he felt that Hager cheated in their fight and wanted a rematch with the fighter. 

What happened at Bellator 231?

The two fighters went at it recently, where Hager accidentally hit Garrett in the groin with a kick. It was one of three shots to the groin, with only two shots being called by the referee. This resulted in Garrett not being able to continue the fight, and it was called off.

As the kick was unintentional, it was ruled a no-contest instead of a disqualification. With Hager's AEW comrades, The Inner Circle, at cage-side, it was a disappointing result for the fighter who is still looking to make his name in the world of MMA.

Heading into this fight, Hager had an unbeaten record of 2-0, but with the no-contest, his record is slightly damaged. It remains to be determined when his next fight will take place, but if Anthony Garrett is to be believed, he thinks Hager cheated and he wants a rematch with the fighter. 

Anthony Garrett calls out Jake Hager

Anthony Garrett was not happy with the way things turned out. He said that he believed that Jake Hager hit him with groin shots intentionally as he was scared of him.

"I controlled him. I'm strong. I'm way stronger than the other two guys that he fought. I'm bigger as well. He could not control me the way he controlled them and I think he got scared. He wanted to throw groin shots to try and weaken me."
"The knee that the ref did call if you noticed I slowed down after that. It hurt. The first one that the ref called, it hurt. 30 seconds later he throws another knee to the groin and that's why I believe it's intentional. How quickly he initiated the clinch and threw another one. There were 30 seconds, maybe less, in between those knees."

He then went on to say that he felt a rematch was possible and he really wanted it to happen.

"I think by what I have seen his reaction on social media, I believe there's a possibility now. I know in the post-fight interview he said he wasn't sure."
"It needs to happen, we need to make it happen."

Now, it remains to be seen what happens. With Hager's involvement in AEW, it remains to be seen whether the fight happens or not.

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Published 28 Oct 2019
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