MMA News: Alexander Emelianenko released from prison and plans to resume MMA career

After an early prison release, Alexander Emelianenko is ready to resume his fighting career

Alexander Emelianenko, the brother of mixed martial arts (MMA) legendary heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko, has received an early release from prison on parole and plans to resume his career in MMA.

The Pride FC veteran was last year sentenced to a four and a half year sentence in prison for sexual assault, kidnapping by withholding a passport, and the forced use of narcotic drugs or psychotropic substances against one Polina Stepanova.

The reason for Emelianenko’s early release is reportedly due to ‘good behaviour’ according to a report from

Details of Emelianenko’s parole include two years and 23 days of correctional labour, as well as a 10% deduction of his salary going to the state. The details of Emelianenko’s crime against Stepanova are disturbing, to say the least.

He allegedly stole her passport while she was working in his house as a housekeeper and forced her to perform sexual acts on him. He also force-fed her drugs in the process, and would later plead not guilty to the accusations as he insisted that the actions were consensual.

Emelianenko’s lawyer took to his Facebook page to issue a healthy message regarding his client’s future in MMA:

“I hope he learned the right lessons from the difficult situation. He has revised his views on standards of conduct in society.

And, with the dignity of a true champion, will rise after a knockout. Today he should be released on parole, and I wish him to throw out his incredible power only in a sports ring, praising the strength of character and the Russian sport!”

While Emelianenko was quite the presence inside of the MMA cage, hoisting a record of 20-4 in his professional career, it will be interesting to see which promotion signs up Alexander after his troubled past.

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