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MMA News: Indian fighter and former Kickboxing World Champion Surbala recovering from devastating injury

Published Dec 06, 2019
Dec 06, 2019 IST

Indian MMA fighter Surbala
Indian MMA fighter Surbala

Former Junior Kickboxing World Champion and Jiu-Jitsu Asian Open Gold medallist, Surbala, suffered an injury during the MMA World Championships in 2019.

Competing in a quarterfinals match against a Mexican opponent, she was injured in the very first round. However, she did not let that stop her from completing the fight and went for all three rounds, eventually losing to the judge's decision.

She suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury and had medial collateral ligament damage for which she is admitted to the Hosmat Hospital and has to undergo surgery. The surgery will possibly take place at Hosmat Hospital, with an ACL, MCL Reconstruction surgery required. The athletes are responsible for their own medical care.

Surbala is from a weak financial background, and her stay, food, and training was completely funded by prominent Indian MMA Coach Vishal Seigell. He is the Indian team coach as well as the personal coach for Surbala. Despite her financial difficulties, the fighter has done well and persevered in a nation that is developing as a future hotspot for Mixed Martial Arts.

The 21-year old fighter is pegged as being a future World Champion and has found success in her career so far.

You can read our previous interview with Surbala here.

ACL is always a tough injury to recover from and is known for being one of the injuries with the longest recovery time required. This particular injury is said to require around 6-8 months for her to recover. You can support Laishram Surbala Devi's recovery process here.

Inspired by watching UFC, her aim has long been to dominate MMA in India and abroad. Once she has recovered, she can get back on track to fulfilling that goal.

We at Sportskeeda wish Surbala the best, and a quick recovery, so that she can return to her winning ways.

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