MMA News: Jack Swagger looks incredible ahead of his Bellator debut

The former WWE Superstar looks ready for a new chapter.
The former WWE Superstar looks ready for a new chapter.

What's the story?

Jack Swagger is preparing for his MMA debut that is scheduled to take place on January 26th, at the Forum in Inglewood, California.

For those who are sceptical about the former WWE Superstar's prospects as a mixed martial artist, a new photo put out by the man himself would surely make you more positive regarding his brand new excursion. Swagger looks absolutely ripped!

In case you didn't know...

Swagger, real name Jack Hager, started off his career as an amateur wrestler and went on to earn impressive accolades as a collegiate All-American before getting picked up by the WWE in 2006.

He won three major titles during his time with the WWE that included solitary reigns with the World Heavyweight, ECW and United States titles respectively. His biggest moment, inarguably, came when he cashed in the Money in the Bank contract on Chris Jericho to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion on a SmackDown episode in 2010.

Sadly enough, that was the highest point in his career as it all went downhill from there on. Swagger had some success along with Cesaro and Zeb Colter as the Real Americans, but he was predominantly stuck in the lower mid-card division during the latter half of his WWE stint.

Swagger eventually parted ways with the company in March 2017 after an 11-year stay and briefly worked in Lucha Underground and a few other indie promotions as 'The Savage' Jake Strong.

Taking a cue for Brock Lesnar, Swagger decided to give MMA a shot and was announced as a part of the Bellator Heavyweight division in November 2017.

He has since been training tirelessly in the gym in order to prepare for the much-anticipated fight.

The heart of the matter

MMA is quite possibly the most demanding sport in the world that requires years of conditioning and training in various combat disciplines before one can even think of making it big.

Many may question Swagger's decision of getting into MMA at the ripe age of 36 but considering his wrestling background, he could pull off one of the more successful transitions from the squared circle to the cage à la Brock Lesnar. Swagger, though, feels he has better hands than the Beast Incarnate.

Nonetheless, he looks jacked as the fight approaches and will be looking to make a big splash in Bellator's Heavyweight division.

What's next?

Swagger is currently undergoing the weight-cut routines and will step into the cage for the very first time against JW Kiser at Bellator 214 on January 26th.

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