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MMA News: Jose Aldo still not happy after meeting Dana White, but ready to let go a court-battle

Adithya Pai
274   //    21 Oct 2016, 19:14 IST
“Conor is scared of me’- Aldo.

Jose Aldo has been complaining about the way the UFC is carrying out the sport, for a few months now. The former champ had also stated that he would file a lawsuit against the UFC for mistreating him. But now he has taken a softer stance on that. 

The former featherweight champ flew to Las Vegas to meet the UFC President Dana White and matchmaker Sean Shelby to discuss his future plans. Aldo left the meeting without much satisfaction. According to, he said, "What the future will hold? "Nobody knows, we'll have to wait and see."

However, this meant that he didn't decide on hanging up his gloves, just in case.

Though he wasn’t completely satisfied with the outcome of the meeting he did feel he was able to let go what he had on his mind for a long time. But he also felt things are changing under the new ownership of the company. He spoke to the reporters who were standing outside the building and here’s what he said.

"Today was the first conversation, we might be headed down a better path, but there's a lot of transitions happening in the UFC and I'm sure they're going to have new ideas and priorities and methodologies. We'll see what direction they're going to take their business in and what that's going to mean for me.”  

However, he has changed his mind on opting a legal action stating that he doesn’t want to involve in any kind of legal procedures. Aldo stated whatever he is doing isn't just for himself but for the entire UFC roster. Looks like a start to the formation of a possible fighters association that Aldo has been long since talking about.

"I don't think just of myself, I don't think of just Jose Aldo the fighter, I think of the whole category of fighters," Aldo said.

"With the new ownership and all the transitions they're taking, I can only hope that we can come in with new ideas to benefit all the fighters, for things to improve that for everybody, not just for me," he added.

Dana White has previously stated that he can’t make everything happen for everyone. Currently, as almost the entire roster is asking for a shot at Conor McGregor, it’s hard for him to give Jose Aldo that opportunity despite him being the interim UFC featherweight champion. 

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