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MMA News: McGregor punished for hurling bottles at UFC 202 pre-fight commotion!

Adithya Pai
330   //    11 Oct 2016, 11:32 IST
McGregor McBurnt by the NSAC!

The UFC 202 pre-fight media conference had some unforgettable moments in the history of the UFC. Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz hurled bottles at each other when the tension between the two warriors grew. Entertaining for the fans, not so entertaining for the fighters, when it comes to having to deal with the consequences. 

The Nevada Athletic Commission ordered the UFC featherweight champion to pay a hefty fine of 5% of his undisclosed pay for the fight at UFC 202, that would cumulate to $150,000. Additionally, he was also imposed with 50 hours of community service for which he will have six months time to complete.

The hearing was carried out for over an hour which was attended by Nevada’s Attorney general’s office in the presence of the representative attorney for McGregor from his management team at Paradigm Sports Management. The hearing came to an end with the declaration of McGregor’s punishments.

McGregor responded for his actions during the hearing via phone call:

“I just want to apologise for the incident, it was a very unusual incident that unfolded. I acted wrong and all I can say is I’m sorry.”

Then the UFC superstar went online and sent out a multi-targeted insult at the entire UFC roster:

According to the Commission, Nate Diaz was the first to initiate the incident as a video was shown of his throwing the first bottle to create the ruckus. To which McGregor retaliated by throwing back three bottles and cans back at Diaz.

One of the bottles thrown by Conor hit a security guard and this stands out to be the major reason for the strict punishment. 

The initial fine planned by the commission was as high as $300,000, but McGregor’s team argued back and forth till the final settlement was for $150,000 and a community service of 50 hours.

McGregor’s team argued against any type of suspension that would spoil his attempt at being the first person to hold titles in two weight classes, but the commission didn’t have that type of penalty in mind.

Diaz will have a meeting on a date that will be announced later.

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