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UFC/MMA News: Nate Diaz almost smokes marijuana on live television

Riju Dasgupta
7.78K   //    19 Feb 2018, 18:14 IST

Nate Diaz simply does not care at all!
Nate Diaz simply does not care at all!

What's the story?

As the crowd gathered to witness the action for UFC Austin, they were in for a shocking sight. Surprisingly, it was not from a member of the card, but from Nate Diaz.

The controversial MMA fighter almost lit up a joint, while the cameras were rolling. Here is the video of the incident:

In case you didn't know...

Nate Diaz has been in the public eye, for a similar reason, in the past. Remember what happened after UFC 202? Diaz violated the USADA rule by smoking CBD, only hours after his fight with Conor McGregor.

Both him and his brother, Nick Diaz are strong advocates of marijuana. In fact, Nick Diaz has been suspended multiple times in Nevada for smoking marijuana in the past.

Nate Diaz is obviously still a strong ambassador for marijuana, based on what he decided to do.

The heart of the matter

Nate Diaz's recent action has set all of social media on fire. Many hailed him as a hero for being so bold, and not caring about the consequences of his actions. Memes have been made and characters have been born, out of this very incident already!

One of the characters who's become an internet phenomenon following the incident is a little kid right behind Nate Diaz. Look at the priceless expression on the kid's face, with regard to what was unfolding in front of the entire MMA fraternity.

What's next?

Nate Diaz has shown a lot of interest in terms of returning to active competition. Could a match with Conor McGregor be on the cards, in the future? Only time will tell.

Author's take

Nate Diaz certainly gained a lot of cool points with his action. He's become the subject of many memes and Twitter posts, in a matter of hours.

Let's hope that he can carry this momentum into the octagon as well, for his inevitable rubber match with McGregor.

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