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MMA News: Tyron Woodley suggests an opponent for CM Punk's second UFC fight!

Adithya Pai
663   //    07 Oct 2016, 10:12 IST
Punk learns from the expert, T-Woodley!

The UFC granted CM Punk an opportunity that would have required a lifetime’s worth of work to achieve for any other fighter out there. The former WWE Superstar made his MMA debut in the Octagon when he faced a relative rookie, Mickey Gall in a losing effort at UFC 203. 

While many criticise his effort in the cage, Dana White appears to be willing to give Punk another shot at glory. Tyron Woodley seems to have made a pick for his training partner, for the latter’s next fight in the UFC. 

"I want to see him fight the dude that Belal Muhammad just fought, the dude with the red Mohawk," Woodley said, referring to Augusto Montano, "I think he's a dude from a TUF show, a TUF show guy. I think Mickey Gall was pretty good. That was a big cup of coffee for him."

CM Punk chose Rufous Sports gym for training after he signed with the UFC. The co-owner and founder of the gym, former kickboxing champion Duke Rufous took Punk under his wing and prepared him for his debut fight against Gall.

The former wrestler had the privilege to work with fellow UFC fighters Tyron Woodley and former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis in preparation leading up to his fight.

Punk on the left watching his trainer Rufous (in sleeveless outfit) demonstrate!

The two UFC fighters have contributed their time in Punk’s training and have respected his choice of a new MMA career whilst many have laughed at it. Punk also trained in Brazilian Jiujitsu under the tutelage of Rener Gracie at the Gracie Academy and has stated to remain a white belt for life.

There has been no word on whether or not he would be fighting in the UFC again from Punk. Dana White had previously stated that CM Punk should probably not be fighting his next fight in the UFC, but given the marketability of CM Punk, another fight might just be on the cards.

It remains to be seen how this pans out further and we shall keep you updated on this story as it develops. 

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