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MMA News: Updates on Bellator Dublin fines and punishments for MVP, Richard Kiely, and Dan Miragliotta

Published 01 Oct 2019, 06:18 IST
01 Oct 2019, 06:18 IST

Michael 'Venom' Page

As Bellator went to Dublin this weekend, in the co-main event, referee Dan Miragliotta was in charge of proceedings for the MMA bout.

Given the trash-talk that had taken place leading up to the fight, the referee issued warnings to both Kiely and Michael 'Venom' Page regarding unprofessional conduct. However, the fight would see chaos ensue. Following the event, it appeared that all three men might be fined for their part in the event, with Michael Mazzulli reviewing the entire exchange.

It appears, according to the latest updates, that there will be no fines for what happened on that day. MMA Junkie reported on the matter.

What happened at Bellator Dublin?

At Bellator Dublin's co-main event, Richard Kiely flipped off MVP only minutes into their fight. Miragliotta then issued the second warning of the night to both Kiely and MVP.

As if that were not enough, Page hurt Kiely and started to battle him on the ground, trash-talking him the entire time. The taunting reached a point where Miragliotta paused the contest to deduct a point from Page.

It would not matter, as Page finished the fight moments later by knocking out Richard Kiely.

Update on fines and punishments for Bellator Dublin

Richard Kiely was to be fined $1000 for his actions in escalating the situation, but it appears that Mazzulli will not be doing so. He said that all three parties were responsible for the escalation of the situation.

MVP directed explicit language at Miragliotta when he tried to stop the fighter going after the downed opponent.


When it came to Page's claim that Miragliotta called him a 'piece of s**t', Mazzulli said that the referee had not said it to the fighter directly., but said it while he was walking away.

He has decided that no one will be punished, but at the same time, if MVP does not want Miragliotta refereeing his bouts going forward, the fighter would be obliged.

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