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Top 5 bouts of Carlos 'The Natural Born Killer' Condit in the UFC

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Published May 30, 2015
May 30, 2015 IST

Carlos Condit 

Carlos Condit "NATURAL BORN KILLER" is an American mixed martial artist, competing in the welterweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Condit is the former interim UFC Welterweight Champion and a former WEC Welterweight Champion. 

DOB :- 26th April 1984 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA.

MMA Debut:- Aztec Challenge 1 (AC 1) vs. Nick Roscorla.

UFC Debut:- UFC Fight Night 18 vs. Martin Kampmann.

Record:- 29 wins, 8 Losses.  (14 KO/TKO, 13 Submissions & 2 Decision victories)

Condit returns to the octagon this weekend after a 14-month layoff due to a knee injury to face Thiago Alves in the main event of UFC GOIANIA. So let’s recap some of the Key victories of Condit inside the octagon:-


1) Carlos Condit vs. Rory MacDonald UFC 115

Current UFC welterweight title challenger, Rory MacDonald, kicked off the UFC 115 PPV action against former WEC 170 pound champion, Carlos Condit. MacDonald was just 20 young, had lot of pressure to live up to the hype against perhaps his stiffest test to date against "The Natural Born Killer", along with his undefeated streak on the line


In the first, MacDonald walked Condit down quickly, then caught a kick and took Condit down. Then he landed a hard right hand and locked up a clinch. Condit landed a hard knee to the body so MacDonald took him right down. Condit used a variation of the rubber guard to control MacDonald on the ground. Then they got back to their feet. Condit then tagged MacDonald. But MacDonald answered with a hard counter punch and another takedown. Again Condit's guard was totally effective at controlling the Canadian and he soon fought back to his feet. On the feet Rory scored up close with punches and knees. Condit landed a mean leg kick. Then MacDonald ducked a punch and ended the round with a third take down to the delight of the Canadian crowd.

In the second, Condit attempted a hip toss but botched it and MacDonald landed on top in half guard. Condit fought back to guard and then to his feet. But once again Rory landed with sharp punches. Then Condit reversed a MacDonald take down and had top position for the first time in the fight. He immediately worked to score with ground and pound. That aggressiveness allowed MacDonald to reverse him. Once again Condit controlled MacDonald's posture on the ground and fought back to his feet. MacDonald fired punches to the body. Condit ate a combo featuring uppercuts while Rory slipped his counters. They traded hard rights then Condit attacked with kicks. Condit got too aggressive at the end of the round with spinning attacks. Then he fired a straight kick and MacDonald caught him with a straight kick of his own and Condit fell.

In the third, MacDonald caught a Condit kick early then landed a high kick and combinations of punches. Then MacDonald shot in and Condit ended up on top. He got to half guard and fired hard elbows. He worked to pass and fired hammer punches and then more hard elbows. Then Condit got the mount. Rory hip escaped back to half guard. Rory got back to his feet with a sweep. Condit clinched him against the fence and scored with a combination of punches. Then when Rory had to dive for a takedown, Condit got him down and brutalized him again. MacDonald's eye was visibly damaged and Condit continued to land hard elbows and punches. Condit sought the kill but MacDonald showed true grit to survive. Condit fired from the top then went down for more damage but it looked like MacDonald might survive. With only 0:10 seconds left the ref stopped the fight.

This was a fun back and forth fight with Rory looking impressive and winning most of the exchange while Condit showed why he is the natural born killer as he used his aggressiveness and experience to get the win and handed Rory his first professional loss.


2) Carlos Condit vs. Dan Hardy UFC 120

Carlos Condit produced one of the most jaw-dropping knockouts of the year against Dan Hardy in the co-main event of UFC 120 in London, England. For Condit it was the equivalent of the perfect storm, picking up the biggest win of his career in his highest-profile bout in the UFC so far, becoming the first man to KO Hardy and earning ‘Knockout of the Night’ bonus in the process.

It only took Condit 4 minutes 27 seconds of the first round to Knockout Hardy after not much happened in the fight but the second both fighter stood in front of each other and threw caution to the wind it was over for hardy before he knew what hit him. The irony is that he did so by replicating Hardy’s own favorite striking technique – the left hook with which the UK fighter had finished Rory Markham.

Hardy felt what it was like to be on the receiving end of that very same punch. What’s most remarkable about the KO is that both fighters threw the same punch at almost exactly the same time. Hardy’s hook was just a fraction off-target, causing it to land awkwardly on the side of Condit’s face, while ‘The Natural Born Killer’ connected cleanly on the Brit’s jaw.


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