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MMA News: Mohammed Farhad Defeats Badr-Eddine With a TKO at BRAVE

800   //    01 Oct 2016, 00:56 IST
Mohammed Farhad reigns over Badr-Eddine with a TKO

Indian Mixed Martial Arts Sensation, Mohammad Farhad shocks the world with an impressive TKO win over his Moroccan opponent Badr-Eddine. Mohammed Farhad entered the BRAVE with a record of 9-2-0 predicting his 10th TKO victory for the event.

Farhad had his fight camp at Team Relentless, Mumbai. The aggressive Muay Thai fighter was seen being patient in the first round letting the Moroccan kickboxer to open the offence. Badr-Eddine started the match looking to be the quicker fighter.

The first round witnessed Badr going for an onslaught of kicks while Farhad took to his defence. Farhad was very content to counter and even avoided opportunities to go on mount and ground and pound.

Meanwhile Badr scored a plethora of low kicks that dropped Farhad to his knee. Farhad waited patiently for his opponent to drop guard and went on for a full assault that dropped Badr cold during the second round.

Farhad finsihed the bout in style with his signature machine gun fists. The two occasions that dropped Badr-Eddine with overhand counter punches are the highlight of the fight. One such counter overhand would prove the beginning of the end as it would drop Badr-Eddine with Farhad quickly following him to the ground securing the win via TKO.

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