5 Fighters with most wins in MMA history

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There have been an insurmountable amount of mixed martial arts fighters to ply their trade all over the world in the past few decades.

In promotions such as UFC, Pride FC, Bellator, Cage Rage and many others, MMA fighters have competed in a bid to become the best in the world at what they do.

Make no mistake; It is extremely difficult to be successful in MMA, let alone rack up multiple wins and Championships.

They say fighting is a young man's game and that is a truism in almost every case which means that a career in MMA is a pretty short term line of work for most.

However, some fighters buck that trend. The likes of Randy Couture and Fedor Emelianenko have continued to fight and win well into their fifth decade on the planet.

This slideshow looks at the five men who have embarked on long careers in MMA and amassed the most amount of victories in the sport.

#5 Luis Santos (64 wins)

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The imposing Luis Santos

Luis Santos is still competing and could yet add to his incredible amount of MMA victories.

The 38 year old currently competes for Singapore based promotion ONE Championship, which has been his home since 2014.

Santos's illustrious career began back in the year 2000 and he remained unbeaten for the first 12 fights of his career.

Primarily fighting in Brazil, Santos has competed in the West, most notably for WEC and Bellator.

Santos has only lost 10 times in his 76 fight career with one Draw and one No Contest.

Although, despite his impressive record, Santos has only ever won one Championship, ONE Championship's Welterweight title.

#4 Travis Wiuff (75 wins)

Travis Wiuff - A fearsome opponent for any fighter

Travis Wiuff is only two fights away from having competed in 100 MMA fights. Across his incredible number of bouts, the American has tasted victory an astonishing 75 times.

Wiuff has competed twice for the UFC but has lost both matches for the MMA giant versus Vladimir Matyushenko at UFC 40 and again versus Renato Sobral at UFC 52.

Despite his less than stellar UFC record, Wiuff boasts impressive victories over MMA luminaries such as Travis Fulton, Wesley Correira, Keith Jardine, Ricco Rodriguez and Jeff Monson.

You don't win 75 MMA fights by being a slouch.

#3 Jeremy Horn (91 wins)

Jeremy Horn - One of the greatest fighters of all time

Jeremy Horn may be most famous for being the first man to inflict defeat of UFC Hall of Famer, Chuck Liddell at UFC 19.

That surprisingly was his first win for UFC after losing his two previous bouts for the promotion.

Horn continued to compete for UFC on and off until 2001, winning every single one of those fights.

Horn has spent most of his career fighting in smaller American and Canadian organisations but this has not affected the standard of his competition. Horn holds victories over the likes of Chael Sonnen, Vernon White and Forest Griffin.

Horn returned to UFC at UFC 54 for a much hyped re-match with Light-Heavyweight Champion, Liddell. Liddell had much improved since their first bout and avenged his earlier loss with a knockout victory.

That wasn't it for Horn however, and he has continued to fight and win until his most recent bout in 2015.

Horn hasn't officially retired despite being inactive for three years. There may be yet, more to come.

#2 Dan Severn (101 wins)

Dan Severn - No stranger to Championship gold

Achieving a century of MMA victories is no small feat and Dan Severn achieved that distinction at the ripe old age of 52 in a bout for the King of the Cage promotion.

It was the culmination of a stunning fighting career than began in 1994 at UFC 4. Severn would fall short in the final of UFC 4's tournament but would bounce back to win the title at UFC 5 and later Ultimate Ultimate 1995. Severn became UFC Superfight Champion when he defeated Ken Shamrock at UFC 9 in a re-match of their fight at UFC 6.

Severn's left the UFC in February 1997 when he lost to Mark Coleman in a match-up to determine the first ever UFC Heavyweight Champion.

Severn continued to dominate the competition and amass an unbelievable amount of victories over significant fighters such as Travis Fulton (3 times), Cal Worsham (twice), Forest Griffin and Wes Sims.

Severn's record is unmatched except by one man.

#1 Travis Fulton (254 wins)

Travis Fulton - Competed in an incredible 319 fights

Only the second man on this list to have never competed in UFC, Travis Fulton's MMA record reads like something from a computer game, with 254 wins from 319 bouts.

Although not a household name to many, Fulton has been competing in MMA for over two decades.

Interestingly, Fulton lost his first ever MMA fight in 1996 and four of his first eight. Susceptible to the choke, Fulton developed his defensive game and became a more accomplished fighter and began to rack up his record breaking 254 wins.

Although, it is worth noting that Fulton's record against elite competition is lousy. He has lost to Matt Lindland, Dan Severn (three times), Pete Williams, Renato Sobral, Ricco Rodriguez, Forest Griffin, Andrei Arlovski, Evan Tanner, Travis Wiuff (twice), Jeremy Horn and Rich Franklin.

Fulton's biggest wins came against Wes Sims, Wesley Correira and Heath Herring.

Still competing, Fulton won his most recent fight in June and at 41 years of age can still continue to add to his likely unbeatable record.

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