Andrew Tate vs Jake Paul in a Karate Ring? Karate Combat CEO thinks otherwise (Exclusive)

Andrew Tate
Andrew Tate and Jake Paul have been teasing a fight for ages.

Karate Combat President Adam Kovacs commented on whether he would book an Andrew Tate versus Jake Paul super fight.

They are two of the most divisive personalities on the internet and in combat sports today. Tate is a former world-champion kickboxer who has arguably become better known for his online presence and outspoken personality. Paul has become one of the most-viewed boxers on the globe, extraordinarily considering his roots as a YouTuber.

When asked during his exclusive interview with Sportskeeda, Adam Kovacs surprisingly said he wouldn't book their fight.

"I mean if they came to me, both of them, I would turn it down. But just because of the attention because you know how cool that would be that you know Andrew Tate and Jake Paul comes to you, that they want to fight in the Karate Combat pit because they don't want to do kickboxing, they don't want to do MMA, so let's figure out a way which is neutral for both of them.
"So first I would have to turn it down for some media attention and then I would do it because it makes all the sense for us and if I turn that down, just to answer your original question, then I would just not understand what fight promotion is all about." (27:20-29:00)

Karate Combat has welcomed kickboxers into its confines before. Earlier in the month, former Bellator Kickboxing Champion Raymond Daniels fought gold-medal-winning Karateka Rafael Aghayev in 'The Pit'.

Andrew Tate was arrested in Romania earlier today

Andrew Tate once again made headlines earlier today after it was reported that he had been arrested in Romania. It has been said that his Twitter spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg led to law enforcement knowing his whereabouts.

His connection to human trafficking, for which he was reportedly arrested, first emerged in April this year.

Tate's residence was raided after it was alleged he had kidnapped a woman and an investigation was launched. However, he disputed the claim as a hoax owing to his fame.

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